Skin Care June 2, 2016

Fighting Blemishes and Blackheads

Woman treating blackheads

It’s always frustrating to wake up and discover you have a blemish or blackhead that’s taken residence on your skin.  While completely avoiding them forever isn’t realistic, there are definitely some ways to fight them off and have clear skin as much as possible.  To help get you started on this clear skin journey we’re narrowing down some of our favorite tips for fighting blemishes and blackheads.

Get on a Daily Routine
Fighting blemishes and blackheads takes a daily routine.  If you want to avoid having either of these pop up as often as possible, you’re going to need to get strict on incorporating a daily skin care routine into your life.  You’ll want a morning skin care routine and an evening skin care routine.  Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the bare necessities and shouldn’t be skipped…ever.

Don’t Squeeze!
An immediate reaction many of us have to blemishes and blackheads is to squeeze them… but don’t!  Squeezing and trying to pop them can often make the situation worse  by inflaming the skin and causing a great deal of redness to the area.

Exfoliation is a huge part in skin health in general, but especially when you deal with blemishes and blackheads.  The exfoliation process helps to give you a deep cleaning of your skin and exfoliate off any dead skin cells, oils, dirt, etc. that could be clogging your pores.


If you’re exfoliating often but still struggling with blackheads it may be worth looking into microdermabrasion for a more professional approach/solution to the problem.  Microdermabrasion is a great treatment for getting a deeper cleanse, eliminating anything that needs to be eliminated and adjusting the texture and look of your skin.

Be Gentle on Your Skin
Often the natural reaction for us, especially with blackheads is to be a little more rough on the area in hopes to remove them.  However, we actually need to do the opposite.  It’s important to remember our skin is sensitive and we need to treat it gently all the time, regardless of the frustrating blackheads or blemishes.  The gentler we are the more likely our skin is to be able to react to the products we’re applying and take in what we want it to.  When we’re too rough on our skin, we can make it turn red and it then has to work to repair itself from the too harsh treatment.  Be gentle and let the products to their job.

Take Note of Ingredients
Making sure that the products you’re using are non-comedogenic and oil-free are especially important when you’re trying to fight blemishes and blackheads.  Non-comedogenic simply means non-pore clogging – crucial when you’re working on having pores that aren’t clogged!  In addition, typically when you’re dealing with blemishes and blackheads you have an excess of oil on your skin so you want to try to avoid using products that could be adding additional oil to your skin.

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