Skin Care September 12, 2015

Fall Skin Care for Guys

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If you have not yet noticed, summer is gone–at leastsummer of 2015, anyway. This means that Fall 2015 is upon us, and it’s time to begin some needed “fall thinking,” for the days up ahead that bring a whole new set of practices for most people, like blowing and raking leaves, Football Games, Halloween house decorating, turkey roasting for Thanksgiving and more. No matter where you live, the return of Fall also means the weather has/will/might change, and, depending on where you live, those changes could be anywhere from slight to all out drastic. The thing to realize is that it doesn’t take all that much of an atmospheric change, to begin wreaking havoc on your skin. There is good news, though, as with a little bit of time dedicated to your skin’s health, it will both look and feel radiant, supple and retain the youthful resilience you used to take for granted.

Looking  Your Best, Post Tan
When fall rolls around, there are some wise and simple skin care practices that don’t require a lot of time, attention or money to incorporate into your daily regimen, for looking your healthy best, even after that faux healthy look from your summer tan has fully faded.

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First Things First
The best way to begin a decent skin care routine is to first make sure of what you are starting out with. This means scheduling a visit with the dermatologist for a good “once over,” where your skin will be examined for any irregularities and remedies. With your skin particularly, the earlier any abnormalities can be identified and dealt with, the better. This will be of great benefit to you in several ways, like reducing the size and possibility of any scarring.

Follow the Lead
Women have been using clay masks for years with excellent benefits derived from these sessions. When applied a few days every week, a clay mask is highly effective in unclogging skin pores. Women’s skin has pores, and as it turns out–so do men! Same pores, same benefits! And by starting with a clean slate, you will effectively maximize benefits from any other skin product you might use subsequently.

Bury the Dead
Well, you’re not exactly remove all of those dead skin cells from your face. Whatever purpose they originally served is gone. They will, forever from this point, be of no benefit to your skin, so get rid of them by using a gentle exfoliation method. Gentle is imperative, here, because everything else will only serve to irritate the skin and produce reddening and even breakouts. Look for exfoliants containing rose oil, for extended benefits.

Keep it Supple
From here, all that’s needed is for you to keep your skin moisturized, and don’t forget the sunscreen, even in the winter.

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