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Face Training – Skip Surgery and Get Rid of Wrinkles with Exercise

Face training

Sooner or later, we all find ourselves glancing at our reflection in the mirror and being taken aback by the seemingly sudden appearance of a wrinkle or new line that was not there yesterday. And once in awhile, you may have even taken your fingers and gently pulled upward on problem areas of your face while imagining the effects of a skin-tightening surgical procedure. With surgery being the extreme here, you don’t have to go that far to combat these little telltale signs of aging. There’s a lot you can do about wrinkles and fine lines that doesn’t involve a knife and stitches, and you don’t even have to go anywhere or spend any money to accomplish it. Just like the workouts you give your body to keep it taut and toned, you can take charge of your face in the same manner. This does not mean that by doing sit-ups or pressing weights you will banish wrinkles–the exercises for your face are all in their very own category. As witnessed by prominent cosmetic surgeons have recently cited, there is wrinkle-erasing promise in the regular performance of dedicated facial exercises. And facial exercises are a nice form of self-pampering that is truly enjoyable and relaxing. The following are being lauded among the leading forms of combat.

Bird’s Eye View, Without Crow’s Feet
For eyes that could use a little lift, close your eyes and squeeze them closed, tightly (Warning:; Do not attempt this exercise while driving.) While your eyes remain tightly shut, with your fingers resting on the top of your head, take your thumbs and place them upon the inside corners of your eyes, applying gentle pressure. Next, slowly and gently glide your thumbs across the lids and to the outer corners of your eyes, and onward, to your temples. Perform a total of 10, daily.

Goodbye, Wrinkled Eye
This one comes from a professional fitness trainer who hails from Finland, and swears by its effectiveness. Begin with your fingertips resting directly under your brows and apply lifting pressure–just a tad. While using your fingers to hold that position, shut your eyes firmly and hold for five seconds, then relax. Follow this by placing the tip of your index finger at the outside corner of each eye and slightly slide your fingers upward while you try to close your eyelids in a resistance. Perform both of these in succession a total of three times.

The Jowl Lifter
This facial exercise tones the skin to either side of your mouth. You’ll perform this exercise one side at a time. Begin on a side (let’s say the right side,) by placing your right hand’s fingers on your right side’s jawline. Slowly tilt your head backward as you simultaneously attempt to stretch your bottom lip over your top lip, to cover it. Begin squeezing the muscles of your right cheek as you turn your head to the right. Close your right eye as tightly as you can and move your fingertips to the outside corner to the right of your mouth while applying gentle pressure, and exhale. Repeat the same procedure on your left side. Perform this to both sides a total of six times.

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