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Exercises That Improve Your Lung Capacity

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Our lungs and their health play a major role in our overall health.  Clearly, if we struggle to breathe it puts a damper on our health as a whole.  If you’re eager to really ensure that your lungs are healthy and have a higher capacity, you’re going to want to start taking some steps to help increase their health.  One really great way to do that is to start doing some specific exercises that improve your lung capacity.  We realize you may not be a professional trainer or doctor, so we thought with the new year it was the perfect time to share some health tips since so many of us are reeling in our focus on our health.

Standing Breathing
Here’s the thing, since our lungs are so influenced by breathing we need to do certain breathing exercises in order to improve our lung capacity.  Experts suggest one of the types of exercises to do this is to do a standing breathing exercise.  It’s quite simple, all you need to do is stand up and breath out – you’re going to want to get all the air out of your lungs here.  Once you’ve released all the air from your lungs you want to slowly start to breathe in to fill your lungs as much as you possibly can.  After you’ve then filled your lungs as much as possible, hold the air in your lungs for a few seconds (some suggest 10-20 seconds) and then SLOWLY begin to release the air from your lungs to then repeat the process all over again.  Most suggest to repeat this cycle for 3-5 times to really get the best benefit from your efforts.

Stomach Breathing
The standing breathing exercises are great, but that’s not the only exercise to help with lung capacity.  To go about stomach breathing exercises you need to be in a laying position on your back, as flat as possible but make sure you’re comfortable.  Once you’re comfortable you can start breathing, but the key here is to breathe in through your stomach area (hold your hand on your stomach to help as a guide if you need), when doing this you will notice that your stomach will rise.  After you’ve breathed in through your nose, you’ll want to hold that air in your lungs for 5-10 seconds.  Once you’ve held the breath for a few seconds, you can begin to release the air slowly.  Most experts suggest to slowly release the air to a 5-8 count to help you really slow down the breath.  Some suggest to even take it a bit further and really ensure that you’ve released all the air from your lungs you can tighten your stomach muscles.  Repeat the cycle at least 5 times to really get the most of your efforts.

Try making it a habit to repeat these exercises as often as you can to really begin to improve your lung capacity and help your health overall.

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