Skin Care June 8, 2017

Easy Skin Care Pick-Me-Ups

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Ever feel like your skin just needs a little pick me up? As we transition seasons and the weather changes, our skin can get into a bit of a rut with its appearance and health. Just like we sometimes need that little energy pick me up mid-afternoon, our skin needs something similar to give you that boost of glow again. You may be thinking giving your skin a pick me up has to be something that’s going to take a lot of time and energy added onto your current skin care routine but that’s actually not the case. We found some easy skin care pick me ups, that are sure to give your skin a nice little boost.

Sheet Masks
Sheet masks have been getting a lot of focus in the beauty world lately, and with good reason. Sheet masks are great for giving your skin an quick and easy pick me up. Really, you can’t get much easier than a sheet mask. They’re literally sheets that have already been formulated with ingredients and benefits that you simply apply to clean skin, all you do is sit and relax for a few minutes (or whatever the recommended amount of time for your chosen mask) and remove when you’re done. It really doesn’t get any easier here. The bonus is there are sheet masks available for virtually every skin care concern, so whatever type of pick me up your skin needs you’re certainly able to find a sheet mask to accommodate.

Exfoliating Masks
Exfoliating masks are different than sheet masks because their application and purpose is a bit different. We know we already mentioned sheet masks, but masks are such a great way to give your skin a pick me up we couldn’t help but mention exfoliating masks. Exfoliating masks are a great pick me up for your skin because they work wonders on really getting a deeper, fresher clean on the surface of your skin. when you noticed your skin is feeling/looking dull or lackluster it’s likely because there’s dead skin cell and/or dirt or oil build up on the surface. Exfoliating masks are great for getting rid of all those elements and leaving your skin with a much cleaner surface, giving you that effective pick me up effect. Not to mention…exfoliating masks are great for keeping your skin healthy and using on a regular basis as it is.

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Facial Sprays
Similar to sheet masks, facial mists are incredibly easy in their application-all you need to do is spray them on your skin. Facial mists have been another growing trend within the industry, and found to be incredible at instant pick me ups for the skin. Facial mists provide an instant boost of ingredients to the skin that help to provide nourishment and hydration, feeling your skin instant feel better than it did before you sprayed the product on. There are quite a few different facial mist formulas available, depending on what your skin type and needs are.

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