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Easter Picnics

Family enjoying a picnic

For many individuals, Easter represents the start of the spring season, a refresh after the winter months. Of course, along with the celebration of the holiday for those that celebrate. With the readiness to refresh with the change in seasons, you may be considering taking your Easter meal outdoors for a picnic. If planning an Easter picnic sounds like fun to you, there are a few things you want to be sure you consider while planning your holiday meal outdoors.

Location, Location, Location!
When planning an outdoor picnic, the first factor to take into consideration is where you’re going to host the picnic. Will it be in your own backyard or a local park? Figuring out location is key to planning an event like this.

Planning the Menu
If you’re hosting the picnic in your own backyard bringing the food from inside to the picnic area isn’t difficult. But if your picnic location isn’t on your own property it will require a bit more of planning. Regardless of which option you choose, when hosting a larger holiday event it’s wise to plan your menu ahead of time. This way you’re sure to have all the ingredients needed and not rushing around the day of the event trying to put together your desired meal. So plan the menu and make a shopping list so you’re all prepared when you head to the store do the food shopping. Additionally, this will help give you extra time to determine transportation of the food from your kitchen to the picnic location. Many of your traditional Easter dishes can be easily transported in containers to bring to another location. The side dishes are the items you may want to think about how you’re going to transport should you be going to a location further away than your backyard.

Easter eggs

Décor Logistics
Once you’ve narrowed down the location of the picnic, you’ll want to determine what décor and dining utensils you want guests to utilize. Make sure there’s enough seating for guests and do a quick clean of any cobwebs or other disturbances where guests will be sitting. Since it is an outdoor setting, no one says you have to break out the fancy china! The beauty of an outdoor picnic is you can get as elaborate or casual as you want. If you want to bring the indoor look outside, have a blast! Get a plan in place ahead of time so you know what your plan is in regards to the décor and seating. It will help eliminate any stress or overwhelm the day of the picnic.

Planning a festive Easter picnic can be a fun change of pace from your typical Easter meal experience. It just requires a little different planning structure but as long as you prepare yourself ahead of time you’re sure to create a fun, exciting event for you and your guests. Enjoy the process and remember to keep things fun, and the more you plan ahead of time the less stress you’ll face the day of the picnic.

What do you think of the Easter picnic idea? Would you try it out?

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