Skin Care August 15, 2017

Don’t Fall For These Skin Care Ingredients

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Skin care products continue to expand in technology, results and variety. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that-you already know! Since technology and science have really had an impact on the skin care industry, more and more ingredients are making their way into our skin care products. You’ve probably seen us talk about different skin care ingredients that are trending and beneficial to the skin but we haven’t talked about the opposite. Our goal is to keep you informed so we felt it was necessary to make sure that you don’t fall for these skin care ingredients:

Whether you know this or not, aluminum is a commonly used ingredient in different skin care products. It’s most commonly used in deodorant products and the use of aluminum in these types of skin care products have caused quite a bit of debate among the industry. Ultimately, a lot of research and findings have found that aluminum can be quite harmful when applied to the body for an extended period of time. Unfortunately there have been links to aluminum causing damage to tissue in the body, kidney struggles and even breast cancer. The more research done on aluminum, it seems, the more links to health problems are discovered down the line.

Another ingredient you may not realize sneaks its way into skin care products. While there’s generally a very low amount of formaldehyde in skin care products, it has been classified as a carcinogen. Unfortunately, formaldehyde has been linked to some pretty serious health concerns as well. Health problems ranging from allergic reactions to different types of cancer have been said to be cause for concern when exposed to this particular ingredient.

Chemical Based Fragrances
While there are products the yield a scent that’s from a natural source like essential oils, there are quite a few skin care products that have fragrances added to them to give a nice scent that are chemically formulated. Fragrances in skin care products have been garnering a lot of attention lately because of the problems that so many people have experience from them. It’s not uncommon to experience headaches, rashes and other allergic reactions to fragrances in skin care products. Because these types of fragrances are chemically compounded, many people experience a lot of problems from them irritating their skin and even internally.

Ethyl Acetate
This ingredient is commonly used in a variety of different types of skin care products, the problem is this ingredient is also included on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste List. Scary, right? It’s suggested to avoid this product at all costs, especially being applied anywhere on/near your face because of the damage that can occur internally from this particular ingredient. Ethyl acetate is also commonly used in dishwashing liquids, if that gives you an idea as to why it probably shouldn’t be applied to your skin!

Doing your research on your skin care products and the brands that produce them is a necessary step, because there aren’t a lot of restrictions on the industry ingredients like these we’ve mentioned are more commonly used than they should.

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