Skin Care June 11, 2016

Doctor Fish Foot Therapy

Fish foot therapy

We’ve found beauty treatments of all kinds throughout the years, some have been around for years, some are new, and some were discovered years ago but just gaining popularity now.  The beauty industry is one that never disappoints when it comes to giving us new treatments and products to try out.  If you’re a reality tv watcher you’ve seen the fish pedicures, where you actually stick your fit inside a tub of fish.  While you may have thought it was just a random beauty treatment done in other countries there’s actually a lot of reasons behind the use of fish and what they can do as far as foot therapy is concerned.  We’re sharing all the details so you know!

Major Exfoliation
Fish foot therapy has actually been found to be an incredible exfoliation for the skin.  They call the fish used doctor fishes as it’s claimed that they know where to get the dead and rough skin cells on your feet.  The exfoliation process really is the main focus of seeking out a fish foot therapy session, because of how the process takes place and the fish have been found to be so specific in their approach.

It’s a Natural Process
Since the fish remove the dead and rough skin cells gently this specific foot treatment is said to be a more natural approach than some others.  Additionally, there haven’t been any negative side effects found from utilizing this foot treatment.  What happens during the treatment is you submerge your feet in warm water where the hungry ‘doctor fish’ reside.  Because of the process and the way the fish massage as they remove the skin many individuals have found it to be an incredibly relaxing process that allows people to feel a relaxed state that isn’t often found in traditional pedicures.

Great Benefits
Aside from exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells and dry skin patches, there have been other benefits found from this doctor fish foot therapy.  Because dead skin cells will be removed from your skin, you’ll be left with glowing, gorgeous skin.  On top of that, it’s said to increase blood flow and help skin be overall in a healthier state.

Just like with any beauty treatment it’s highly advised that you go to a trained professional if you’re considering trying this doctor fish foot therapy.  Because of the different elements involved with the fish and bodies of water, it is extra important as if the proper care isn’t done there can be a spread of bacteria and other undesirable things throughout the process.  But, many people who have seen experts have found incredible benefits from trying this type of foot therapy.  While many have reported the first time feels a bit odd because of the little fish nibbling on your dead skin cells, it’s something that many find to be enjoyable once you get used to the process.  You never know where or how people can find beauty treatment benefits!

Would you, or have you tried the doctor fish foot therapy?

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