Skin Care August 3, 2017

Diet Tips for Healthy Skin

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Want healthy skin?! Of course you do! We’re willing to assume that you want healthy skin, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. Achieving healthy skin requires patience, consistency and knowledge of what your skin really needs. When it comes to using skin care products and your skin care routine, choosing products based on your skin type and needs is the main focus. While using quality skin care products is necessary, many experts have continued to stress that what we eat can have a much larger impact on our skin’s health than many of us have ever understood in the past. We realize that eating healthy can mean a lot of different things, so we’re sharing some of our favorite diet tips for healthy skin to help you take your skin care to the next level.

Probiotics Are Essential
One of the major areas of the body, internally, that has been found to have a direct relationship with our skin’s health is the gut. As it turns out, our gut health can make or break our skin health. When your gut health is inflamed and out of balance, it’s common to experience issues in the skin. Understanding that, it’s been suggested that one of the most important diet tips for healthy skin is to incorporate foods that are high in probiotics. Doing so helps to create more balance in the gut, and in turn will help to allow your skin to become much healthier. There are quite a few different food sources that are rich in probiotics, and adding a supplement is another way to add it to your diet.

Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a great nutrient for our bodies in a variety of different ways, but focusing on skin vitamin C is incredible at aiding in the complexion and health of our skin. You may have noticed that skin care products have begun to add vitamin C as an ingredient, because it’s such a vital element to the skin. In short, vitamin C has been found to help skin become much stronger, smoother and also boosts/protects the collagen production in the skin. Fortunately, there are quite a few different foods that are rich in vitamin C to add into your diet. Foods like strawberries, red peppers and citrus fruits are all known to consume some of the highest, and most natural vitamin C sources.

Add More Veggies and Leafy Green
Overall, the more naturally colorful your diet is, the better sources of essential nutrients you’re getting into your body. Veggies and leafy greens are known to be rich in a nutrient called beta-carotene. Beta-carotene has been found to help cell production and turnover to become much quicker within the body. So if you’re trying to get clearer, healthier skin this is incredible. In addition, the nutrients found in these types of foods have been found to help the skin to develop a better protection mechanism as well as aid in the repairing of skin.

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