Skin Care January 25, 2016

Day vs Night Skin Care

In looking at the scope of procedures we can use from our skin care arsenal, a clear distinction becomes obvious with some key products and processes that would only be feasible as evening-suitable, while others obviously would only be warranted for inclusion in a daytime readiness routine. To try to say one is more important than the other would be remiss, as clearly, the best possible skin care regimen should include both, in order to produce genuine, glowing and supple skin. While there are a few basics with shared importance that should be included for daytime as well as overnight, it’s helpful and most effective to understand why the ones belonging exclusively to either time frame are there, in terms of why they are and what they do.

Woman moisturizing face

Moisture for Every Skin Type (D&N)
A common misconception stems from the belief that oil and hydration are one in the same. Proper skin hydration requires introduction of specific products with emollients formulated by skin type, with many available to address multiple dry skin issues stemming from oily skin types suffering from inadequate hydration. These oily skin moisturizers do not contain oil or any other ingredients that could exacerbate issues with high levels of skin-produced oil, while ensuring a vibrant resiliency devoid of dry, scaly patches. They’re the go-to remedy for superior wrinkle prevention commonly experienced by people with oily skin who’ve erroneously believed that with their skin type, all forms of moisturizing should be off-limits. Thanks to a good range of oil-free hydration products for oily skin, there’s effective relief at hand for all skin types. Daytime moisturizers should be lightweight and compatible with your foundation and a good sunscreen, or contain one. There are some available as tinted to be used in place of a conventional foundation. Take advantage of night skin-saving deep moisturizers, which can be washed off, come morning, and work big on your skin’s behalf. Scientific research concludes that during sleep, the body produces a greater number of new skin cells, so take advantage of this to introduce those newly born cells to an ideally hydrated environment.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Protection is for Every Day (D)
Unless you live somewhere in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” and you prefer to do your nighttime sleeping out of doors, the only time you need sunscreen protection is during the day when the sun is out–this includes when it’s raining, snowing, cloudy. Overnight, you get a sunscreen reprieve.

Woman cleansing face

Cleanse Away, the Night and Day (D&N)
Morning and Nighttime come with the requirement of proper cleaning–with the most effective and gentle cleanser for your skin. In the morning, this gives everything else you apply a better grip and staying power. At night, you’re removing your old makeup, along with all of the pore-clogging elements of the day, so you’ll wake up in 6-8 hours (hopefully,) with smaller pores than if you had slept in your makeup.

Woman applying face mask

Exfoliation, Masks and More (N)
Nighttime is the ideal time to exfoliate, when your skin will have some bare recovery time allowing pores to fully shrink. When you follow exfoliation with foundation or other products, you’re hitting your skin when it’s most vulnerable. Save exfoliation for evenings. This is the ideal time to brandish a therapeutic mask, and especially the ones you can sleep in, as you’re not rushing off for the day. The long, quiet sleeping hours of nighttime present a wonderful opportunity to slather on your restorative and healing eye creams and serums, with extended support from overnight wear.

Day Care in a Nutshell
Your morning skin care should include, with absorbing/drying time in between and tweaks as needed:

  • Cleansing with warm water and specially formulated cleansing product for your skin type
  • Toner or cleansing water spray
  • Day-weight non-oily moisturizer with SPF of 30, or
  • Sunscreen with SPF of 30
  • Primer
  • Your regular makeup

Sizing up the Best Night Care

  • Remove makeup with remover and wipes.
  • Cleansing with warm water and specially formulated cleansing product for your skin type
  • Toner or cleansing water spray
  • More moisturizer
  • Emollient cream for night
  • Eye serum or cream

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