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Daily Habits That Protect Your Skin

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Our skin is pretty vulnerable. Between the sun and weather elements to our daily habits, it’s put through quite a bit on a daily basis. Keeping our skin well protected helps to, well…keep it protected from a lot of those stressful factors. We all have daily habits, but what if we told you there are some daily habits that protect your skin? Well, it should be exciting! We’re diving into some of the common daily habits that many people have, that actually help to protect your skin.

Moisturizing Your Skin, Even with Acne
Those that suffer from acne and have acne-prone skin tend to hesitate to use moisturizing products on their skin. However, using moisturizing products like lotion while you have acne can be a huge protection mechanism. Why? The biggest misconception about having acne is that using moisturizing products will make it worse, but that’s actually not the case. Oil is different than hydration/moisture. Using a moisturizer helps to keep your skin moisturized and well hydrated…which helps immensely with the healing process of acne and can help to keep the skin protected during that healing process. So instead of skipping moisturizing your skin when fighting acne, keep moisturizing!

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Taking Multiple Showers
Most of us know that washing our face twice a day has incredible benefits to keeping your face cleansed and free of dirt/oil/bacteria build up. And the same goes for the rest of our skin! If you’re someone that takes multiple showers a day, you’re on the right track! Because just like we need to wash our face multiple times a day, the rest of our skin on our body needs to have that same cleansing experience to get rid of all the elements we’re exposed to on a daily basis. If you’re not taking multiple showers a day, now is the time to start! Your skin will be well protected because it will be free of all the elements that tend to negatively affect the skin, giving you skin that’s protected and stronger.

There’s a lot of fear around sweating for many of us. We fear that it can cause breakouts in our skin, and just fear it all around. But the truth is sweat is great for our skin and keeping it well protected. How? When we sweat our skin’s pores literally open up and go through a ‘flushing’ type of experience that gets rid of dirt, oil and bacteria from our skin’s surface. So the next time you sweat, don’t  sweat it (pun intended there) instead embrace your body’s natural experience and remember that it’s actually a process that helps to keep your skin well protected.

Do any of these daily habits surprise you? While there’s a lot of tips out there about what not to do, we hope it’s refreshing to know that some of your typical daily habits are actually helpful in keeping your skin healthy. The bonus is you’re probably already doing these things, and don’t even think a whole lot about them!

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