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Clear Your Plate For Better Skin

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Struggling to beat acne once and for all? Acne is that pesky skin condition that’s incredibly common, and incredibly frustrating to get rid of. It can often feel like just as you begin to see positive results with acne, it will creep back into the surface of your skin. So what’s a person to do? Experts have been finding more and more results pointing to what we put IN our bodies, and how that impacts our skin’s appearance-primarily acne struggles. Sure cleaning up your diet is one thing, but that’s also pretty generic advice. We’re getting into some details on the foods to avoid to help clear your acne. In other words…clear your plate for better skin.

Yes…this means dairy altogether. Experts have continued to find research that shows dairy doesn’t do your body any favors when you’re trying to fight acne. If you’re really serious about getting rid of acne once and for all, dairy is a type of food you should be clearing from your plate and diet according to experts. Why is that so? Dairy has been found to cause inflammation in the body because of its makeup. The problem with that is that acne is a form of inflammation in the body/skin, so when we provide our body with dairy and give it something that causes inflammation even more it causes a vicious cycle with fighting acne.

Another hot topic related to skin and foods that we consumer on a regular basis. Many experts in the health and beauty world have been talking about sugar and the toll it takes on our bodies, especially our skin. Sugar has been found to be a direct link to breakouts and acne because of how it negatively impacts our body on an internal level. The problem with sugar, is that so many of us don’t even realize how much or often we’re consuming sugar. However in order to really beat acne and get your skin much clearer, you need to minimize and get rid of as much sugar from your diet as possible. Sound like a lot? You will thank yourself later, but even starting by cutting back slowly on your sugar intake will help you to slowly taper the process and give your skin some relief and a chance to really heal from the damage sugar causes on the skin.

Processed Foods
Similar to sugar, it’s common for people not to really understand how often they’re consuming foods that have been processed. The problem with processed foods is they also cause inflammation in the body, making it pretty difficult to get clear skin. Removing foods that are processed and greasy can help your skin to heal and really eliminate a lot of that excess inflammation in the body.

The thing about the foods we eat is they can help us or hurt us. Cleaning up your plate and diet can definitely help to clear your skin, when your skin is given the necessary nutrients to be healthy and clear.

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