Skin Care August 23, 2016

Clear Skin Advice For Tweens

Teen with flawless skin looking in the mirror.

Achieving clear skin as a tween isn’t always the easiest thing.  With the changes that are happening in your body, diet, and everything else it can sometimes feel nearly impossible to keep or get clear skin.  Fortunately, there are some ways for tweens to get a handle on their skin and help to achieve clearer skin without feeling too frustrated or embarrassed about it.  We’re sharing some of the best tips we’ve discovered to help your tweens get clear skin as they start a new year of school.

Get On A Schedule
One of the most important things when it comes to having clear skin is getting on a true skin care routine.  As tweens are new to taking care of their skin in the skin care route, it can be difficult to get them on track but it’s SUPER crucial that they do.  Getting tweens to cleanse their face two times per day is going to help immensely when it comes to having clear skin.  Morning and night cleansing is the best route according to experts, make sure you tell your tweens that washing their faces MORE than twice a day isn’t necessary and can actually backfire.  Not only will getting them into a routine help them get clear skin now, but it also helps to set them up for their skin care journey throughout life.  Although make sure your tween isn’t washing their face TOO roughly, scrubbing isn’t necessary.  Setting them up with the right techniques and skills are going to help down the line, too.

Use The Right Products
When it comes to tween skin it’s delicate and changing, which is also why they’re more prone to breakouts.  Make sure you’re getting your tween the right skin care products to use for their new skin care routine.  Purchasing products that include salicylic acid OR benzyol peroxide are going to help clear up breakouts and prevent them as much as possible, according to experts.  In addition to the skin care products, any type of makeup products your tween is using should be gentle and noncomedogenic.  This type of makeup is designed to NOT clog pores – crucial to preventing breakouts.  Also, make sure your tween gets in the habit of removing any makeup before going to bed.

Healthy Habits
There are a ton of ways to help prevent breakouts from happening but a lot of it also comes down to teaching your tween healthy skin care habits.  One biggie for tweens is touching their faces, try to encourage your tween to avoid touching their face too often.  While it’s a habit for ALL of us to get into easily, it’s also a really easy way to spread bacteria and dirt that can cause breakouts.  Then comes the picking, avoid  face touching in general!  Of course, we can’t forget the relationship between what we eat and our skin.  Avoiding as much grease and sugar as possible can play huge roles in clear skin, especially a tween.

Do you have any clear skin advice for tweens you live by?

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