Skin Care July 11, 2017

Choosing The Right Skin Care Routine For Your Skin Type

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Developing and perfecting your skin care routine is a process for many. It’s generally not something that’s perfected overnight or even the first few skin care products you purchase. Because our skin changes throughout our lives, our skin care routine needs to as well. Choosing the right skin care routine for your skin type should be a main priority when it comes to choosing the products and habits you practice on a regular basis. We realize that statement sounds much easier than it actually is, so we thought we would take some time to share some tips on exactly how you can go about choosing the right skin care routine for your skin type.

Understanding Your Skin Type
This may seem obvious, but having a solid understanding of your skin type is essential to really building that skin care routine to suit it. The reason we bring this up is because so many people don’t have a real CLEAR understanding of their skin type. They often think their skin type falls into one category, but it may be something different. If you’re not 100% sure as to what your skin type is, asking for a professional’s opinion on what your skin type is can give you a lot of insight. Without having that solid understanding, you can’t go about creating the best skin care routine for yourself.

Focus on the Formulations
Once you have that solid understanding of your skin type, you can move forward with choosing the skin care products to use. Naturally, when it comes to choosing the right skin care routine for yourself the products you use within that routine is a large focus. It’s not enough to just choose the trending skin care products or even the most expensive brand. The real key to choosing skin care products to use for your routine is choosing products that are formulated to work with your skin’s type. Not all skin care products work for every skin type.

Adding on Skin Concern Products
Once you’ve established your basic skin care routine of  using the right cleanser, toner and moisturizer to suit your skin type it’s time to focus on any additional products you need to add to your routine. When we talk about additional products, these are products that are really to establish any skin concerns you may have. For example, if you struggle with acne you may want to add an acne treatment product into your routine. If you’re starting to have concerns about aging in your skin, you may want to focus on adding some anti-aging treatment product(s) into your routine. Adding any of those types of products into your routine after you’ve established your basic foundation products is going to help you create a much more functional and healthy skin care routine for you and your skin type.

Regardless of your skin type, however, using the right products on a consistent basis is really what’s going to help you to have a skin care routine that’s beneficial and helpful to your skin.

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