Makeup August 19, 2017

Choosing The Right Make Up Remover

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Removing your makeup is an absolute must in your daily beauty routine. If you apply makeup, you MUST remove it before heading to bed no matter how tired you are. The truth is, removing your makeup can help keep your skin healthy and happy which is why it’s so important to your routine. Whether you’re using a makeup remover or not, choosing the RIGHT makeup remover is just as important as removing your makeup. Similar to the skin care products we use, if we don’t choose the right formula for us it’s only going to yield so many results. We want to make sure you’re reaping the benefits of proper makeup removal so we’re sharing our tips on choosing the right makeup remover.

Convenience is Your Priority
Ok, we realize everyone wants convenience when it comes to removing your makeup but this is where makeup removing wipes come in. Makeup removing wipes have exploded in popularity the past couple of years because they’re just so, darn easy! Taking a wipe out and wiping it all over your face to remove makeup sounds pretty simple to us, anyways. While they are incredibly convenient to use, many experts suggest that it’s still necessary to cleanse your face after using makeup wipes because they can be drying and leave a residue behind on your face that needs to be removed.

Your Makeup is Hard to Remove
Do you use waterproof makeup formulas? While they’re great for their long wearing abilities, they’re not the easiest to remove when you’re heading to bed. Obviously the waterproof formulation is, well…waterproof so using the right type of makeup remover will help make that process a little easier. It’s suggested the best type of makeup remover for these types of makeup formulas are oils. Makeup removing oils help to get a much better removal of those hard to remove makeup formulas because of the oil base. Before you panic, even if you have oily skin makeup removing oils can work for you and no it won’t cause your skin to become oilier.

If your skin is dry or sensitive
Those with dry and/or sensitive skin can often experience even more sensitivity and dryness from certain makeup removing formulas. If this is something you struggle with cleansing milks have been found to be one of the best options for you. Cleansing milk products are incredible for dry and sensitive skin because of their moisturizing benefits that are naturally within the products. They’re formulated to only remove the makeup from your skin’s surface, which is why they’re so great for sensitive skin types. If you find that your skin feels very dry or irritated after using a lot of makeup removing products this may be something to try out.

The good news is there are plenty of brands and price points with makeup removing products available. So whatever formula you want to try out for yourself, you’ll have no problem finding one!

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