Skin Care September 1, 2016

Checklist For Healthy Skin

Beautiful women with healthy skin

Healthy skin is something that we can all agree is important, and we all want.  It may feel like it’s nearly impossible to have healthy skin if you’re not a celebrity – how do they just HAVE great skin?  Well honestly, they don’t just *have* gorgeous healthy skin…they have to take care of it just like the rest of us.  Knowing where to even start when it comes to having healthy skin can be a little overwhelming at times, with so many different suggestions around skincare now.  We came up with a checklist for healthy skin that EVERYONE can and should follow to get their skin on track.

Sun Protection Is Major KEY (as DJ Khaled would say)
Here’s the deal, we know you love being outside in the sun getting some vitamin D and enjoying the nice weather.  But the truth is the sun wreaks havoc on your skin – like crazy havoc.  Keeping your skin protected from the sun is essential to healthy skin.  The sun not only causes sun damage (obvi) but it also tends to dry your skin out and cause premature aging to take effect.  Cover your skin as much as possible, and make it a habit to apply sun protection as often as possible.  Remember that the sun is at its strongest between 10am and 2pm.

Check Yo’ Self
Now it’s not unlikely to have freckles and different spots on your skin, most of us do!  But it isn’t healthy when they change, the thing is it’s rare that we actually KNOW when they change.  Skin experts all suggest getting into the habit of doing skin checks on yourself on the regular – and we mean regular, it’s said once a month is ideal.  We get it, it sounds like a pain but if you don’t make it a habit of checking your skin and getting aware of all the spots and any changes that happen it’s rare you’ll actually know when changes do take place.

Get Into A routine
Ahhh routines, they’re not always easy to get into but they’re a necessary part of life (seriously) especially when it comes to your skin.  Getting into a morning and evening skin care routine is going to do wonders for you and keeping your skin healthy.  It’s really hard to keep your skin in check if you just sporadically have a routine – create one and stick with it.  Only change your routine and the products when it’s necessary.

Use The Right Products
With so many different skin care products and options available it’s easy to fall into a habit of changing them ALL the time, but you really shouldn’t need to.  Being conscious of the ingredients that are in the products you’re using is going to play a huge role in this.  Don’t just use something based on price or name alone, ingredients ARE important and so is the fact that a product is specifically formulated to work with your skin type.

While there are a ton of other things that go into having healthy skin, this is definitely a checklist to follow to get you on your way.  What do you do to keep your skin healthy?

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