Skin Care June 13, 2016

Cellphones and Your Skin

Woman looking into her cellphone

We’re all on our cellphones ALL day long, without a doubt.  And we all want gorgeous, flawless skin.  You’re probably wondering what cellphones and our skin have in common.  Well, it turns out they have more in common than many of us ever thought.  Since we’re all on our phones so often, we felt it was necessary that we share some of the skin concerns that could be related to your cellphone use.

Constantly Looking Down
Because most of us are texting, emailing, etc. on our phones, we’re constantly looking down.  You know how gravity works?  Right, so when we constantly look down on our phones experts have said it could be causing wrinkles!  Ahh!  So if you’re notoriously looking down, one way to try to avoid the wrinkles from happening from your phone use is to not look down but instead, bring your phone up to where you’re able to read it looking straight ahead.

Ever get frustrated from skin breakouts?  Of course, you do, we all do!  You probably never thought of your cellphone as being the culprit behind your breakouts though.  Research has shown that our cellphones actually carry more bacteria on them than a toilet seat handle!  Ummm…yuck.  But if we really think about it, it makes sense as we’re constantly touching things and then touching our phones.  So the bacteria adds up.  Because of the bacteria that builds up on our phone, when we go to place our cellphones against our faces the bacteria transfers over from the phone to our skin… i.e. breakouts happen.  If you’re tired of getting breakouts and feel like your cellphone could be the culprit we suggest considering disinfecting your phone often OR using an earpiece so you don’t have to place your phone up against your face.

LED light
Experts have found that the use of the LED lights in our phones are actually affecting our sleeping habits, meaning they’re keeping us up more at night.  When we sleep with our phones near us, the LED light in the background and screw with our bodies ability to get into an REM sleep.  In turn, it causes us to have bags under our eyes.  If you find sleeping to be difficult for you, avoid scrolling through your phone right before bed, or even keeping your phone near your bed or on.  It may seem like a little thing but we need our beauty sleep to keep our skin looking in tip top shape!  Our suggestion is to find another alarm clock system OR avoid scrolling through your phone as much as possible in the evening to give your body the ability and ‘ok’ to hit the sack and get some shut eye.

Did you ever think your cellphone had such an effect on your skin’s health?  We didn’t either!  But now that we do, we’re looking at our phones in a whole new way – and you should too!  Which one of these skin care facts surprises you the most about your cellphone?

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