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Lifestyle January 12, 2017

Your Daily Cup of COJ

cup of coffee

Coffee is definitely something that’s a commonly consumed beverage throughout a lot of the world.  For years there’s been a debate on whether or not drinking coffee daily is beneficial or hurtful to your health.  However, it turns out your daily cup of joe can have some pretty great benefits.  If you’re like us, you love starting your morning with a fresh cup of joe – like so many of us do.  Now, you don’t have to feel bad (in…

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Lifestyle December 30, 2016

Start Your New Year With A Germ Free Work Space

Ahhh the beginning of a New Year, there’s something so refreshing about it – isn’t there?  It’s this great opportunity to start fresh in areas of your life, and begin a new year working towards new goals and objectives.  You’ve likely had some extra days off from work recently and as you get back into the normal routine of things at the office, you’re probably eager to find ways to refresh your workspace.  Since we’re officially in the swing of…

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Lifestyle December 10, 2016

What Your Sweat Can Tell You

We all sweat, probably more than we would like, and while it always seems like something that’s more of a pain than helpful in any way – there’s now some recent discoveries that have found what your sweat can tell you.  Yes, essentially your sweat is able to tell you certain things about you and your health.  In fact, there’s actually now a new skin patch that’s able to tell you exactly what you need to know about your health…

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Lifestyle December 6, 2016

Good For The Tummy, Great For The Skin

There’s been a major connection between our internal health and skin health.  It’s something that’s a more recent connection but really been something that’s changed a lot of the game when it comes to skin care.  While we so often focus on what products we put on our skin for skin care, so many of us don’t really think about what we eat and the impact it can have on our skin.  We’re chatting about winter food staples that are…

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Beauty Lifestyle Skin Care November 26, 2016

Side Effects of Topical Steroids

Topical steroids have definitely become a more commonly used skin care form by doctors for many different skin care concerns.  If you’ve gone to a doctor and/or dermatologist for a skin care, concern you’ve likely been given a topical steroid to help alleviate the concern.  However, there can be some side effects of topical steroids and the use of them that you’re not aware of.  Because they’re used so frequently in today’s world, many people don’t really think of the…

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Lifestyle November 17, 2016

Try These Relaxing Rainy Day Activities

There’s something about rainy days that can leave some of us feeling a bit stir crazy.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck inside and not really sure what to actually do with the time since being outside isn’t an option (or doesn’t sound like fun).  We feel that rainy days can be a great time to get a little much needed relaxation time in the books – why not make the most of it, right?  Not sure what we…

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Lifestyle September 29, 2016

Techniques That Reduce Stress

Most of us all struggle with dealing with stress in our lives.  We definitely live in a high-stress society that almost feels like we’re wrong if we’re NOT stressed out.  But the truth is, stress has a lot of negative effects on our bodies and health overall.  It’s incredibly important that we find ways to handle stress, so that we don’t reach a breaking point and suffer major consequences from NOT limiting our stress levels.  While we can’t change society,…

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Beauty Lifestyle September 27, 2016

Quotes that Inspire Body Confidence

If you’re ever feeling ‘blah’ and lacking in the body confidence area, one way that can give you a little nudge in the right direction is reading quotes.  This is likely the reason quotes are such a huge part of sites like Pinterest and Facebook. As human beings, we relate to certain quotes and feel some inspiration when we read/ see them.  Since we’re all about body confidence this week, we wanted to be sure we give you some quotes…

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Lifestyle August 25, 2016

Healthy Family Activities

As families across the US start to get into the back to school routine, getting everyone on a healthy activity schedule is another factor that comes into play.  Everyone’s schedules are a little different with the kids in school and it can be really easy to fall into a routine of watching TV and everyone on their phones/tablets at the end of the day.  But recent studies and knowledge have come out to show that we ALL need to be…

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Lifestyle August 6, 2016

How to Make Everyday Life More Glamorous

For some reason, there’s a stigma around being glamorous and living a more glamorous lifestyle.  Most of the time when we think of being glamorous we think of the mega-rich and famous, but why is glamour only reserved for them?  We believe anyone can live a glamorous life if they want to, it’s not just about your bank account or how much you spend.  It’s really more of a lifestyle!  Since we think everyone deserves some glamorous elements into their…

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