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Hair August 8, 2017

What You Need To Know About IPL Hair Removal

woman having hair removal

Hair removal comes in a wide variety of options. We have the ability to choose how we want to remove any unwanted hair from our bodies. As technology advances there are more and more options, too! It’s exciting to discover new developments in hair removal because it’s something that so many of us spend time participating in. Whether you currently shave, wax or any other method it can be a huge time sucker! IPL hair removal has been a growing…

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Hair January 5, 2017

Managing Dandruff And Dry Itchy Scalp

woman scratching head

Since we’re now in the middle of the winter season you’ve probably started to notice a lot of the dryness that comes with the winter season.  While typically we think of experiencing dry skin and lips, many people tend to also experience dryness in their scalp.  Experiencing dandruff and dry itchy scalp can be frustrating and a bit embarrassing if you’re having a lot of flakiness.  If you’ve been trying different things to try to manage it but still can’t…

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Hair July 23, 2016

Beating Itchy Summer Scalp

It’s frustrating for anyone to have an itchy scalp, unfortunately, the summer season tends to cause itchier scalp for many.  If you’re one of those people that tend to feel like their scalp is even itchier in the summer season, we feel for you!  We’re always looking for ways to help you out, so we did a little searching to discover some of the best-known ways to beat itchy summer scalp.  Ready to say goodbye to itchy summer scalp?  We’ve…

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Beauty Hair Skin Care July 19, 2016

Skincare for Girls with Bangs

Bangs have been quite a comeback this season, and while you may love the look of bangs you may also be wondering why your skin seems different when you have them.  We did a little searching and discovered some of the ways that bangs could be causing breakouts to happen.  It’s not typically something you think about when you go in for a haircut, but definitely worth considering!   We’re sharing our must-know skincare tips for girls with bangs so you’re…

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Hair May 27, 2016

Maintaining a Clean, Healthy Scalp

Scalp health is highly underrated and not discussed enough.  We’ve all read tons of articles on how to create gorgeous hairstyles but rarely stop to think about the health of our scalp.  The fact of the matter is we truly can’t obtain a gorgeous hairstyle if our scalp isn’t healthy.  It’s just what it is!  So it’s time we  start talking about scalp health, to get you started we’re going to share some of our favorite tips for maintaining a…

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Hair April 19, 2016

Bella Thorne’s Newest Look

Bella Thorne is best known for her role in the TV series ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ and the Disney series ‘Shake it Up.’  Aside from her work professionally, Bella is known for her strawberry blonde hair color.  So many have seen her grow up before their very eyes, and she made a drastic change recently that reminded us all even Disney stars grow up.  Recently, Bella made a hair switch.  While she’s been known since she stepped onto the Hollywood…

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Hair March 12, 2016

Tips n Tricks for Long, Luscious Hair

Sought by many, attained by few–super-long hair is totally in right now. But growing out your hair isn’t just a waiting game: there are tons of tips that can get you from pixie to mermaid much faster. Whether you already have beautiful long hair or are playing the waiting game and trying to grow it out, there are lots of ways to make sure your hair grows in fast, healthy, and beautiful. From your diet to the products you put…

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Hair March 10, 2016

Caring for Long Hair: Washing Routines

While the allure of fragrant shampoos and conditioners are a welcome addition to your daily shower routine, sometimes your hair just needs a break–especially when it’s long. Read on to find out why. Long hair can be a pain: unless you’re born with perfect texture (who is, exactly?), you likely find yourself spending at least an hour or two per morning achieving a “look”. For instance, if you’re like lots of other women, your daily routine may look something like…

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Hair March 8, 2016

Foods that Promote Hair Health

A lot of girls have experienced the frustrating process of trying to grow their hair out: countless days spent in front of the mirror, ruler in hand, or taking in armfuls of products that promise to condition your hair into luxurious lengths. While using appropriate hair care is essential to maintaining long hair, it won’t necessarily make it grow any faster: just like your skin, the beauty and length of your hair comes primarily from the inside. Hair, like almost…

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Beauty Hair Skin Care February 1, 2016

Hair Styling Habits Hurting Your Skin

If you apply some logical thought to the bevy products you apply to your hair and skin, to sustain and protect them, it would stand to reason that surely “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” More precisely–if your hair and skin are both natural components of your entire body’s assemblage, then they would obviously receive the same benefits from the same products. Right? Well. if logical thinking formed the entire expanse of how the variety of…

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