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Fashion August 1, 2017

Advice For Avoiding Beauty And Fashion Mistakes

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Beauty and fashion are areas of our lives that can often feel end up as a hit or miss. Understanding, or even knowing what to avoid leaves a LOT out on the line. Of course we’re not here to put more stress on you, rather here to help solve some of those missing links for you. Feeling confident in your beauty and fashion decisions can help you feel more confident overall. So…we’ve put together some of our favorite advice for…

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Fashion January 3, 2017

Quick Fixes For Zipper, Hems and Other Fashion Emergencies

If you’ve ever been faced with a fashion emergency situation, you know they always strike at the worst possible time.  Let’s face it, that’s probably why they’re referred to as a fashion emergency.  While having a little fashion emergency mishap is bad enough, it’s even worse when you’re not prepared with how to fix them in a quick manner.  The great thing about fashion emergencies is there are other people who have experienced them as well, so there are many…

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Beauty Fashion December 3, 2016

Winter Accessories To Warm Up Your Wardrobe

We hate to be the barrier of bad news, but winter is creeping up on us…a lot quicker than we really want to realize.  Of course, when the winter comes, it leaves us feeling a little bit stuck or stagnant when it comes to what we’re wearing.  Fortunately, there are some great winter accessories to warm up your wardrobe this season.  Not sure what they are or where to even start?  We’re giving you some ideas to really get some…

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Fashion November 12, 2016

Accessories That Reflect Your Style

Personal style is one of the great things in life, it’s this area of our lives where we’re able to reflect and express who we are as individuals.  There are SO many options in clothes and trends at our access, we really have more opportunity than ever before to use our style as a form of self-expression.  There’s something for everyone in trends.  If you’re anything like us, you have a soft spot for accessories.  We’re sharing some of our…

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Fashion October 30, 2015

Incorporating Steampunk Style Into Your Wardrobe

The Steampunk look is totally different and bringing a whole new brand to fashion and attitude. There’s been a longtime need for a bold new trend, and bold, new and trend are what Steampunk is all about. Anyone taking a little time to browse the internet will quickly find a lot of great Steampunk outfits and styles for hair, accessorizing, decorating and more. Steampunk style is rocking at festivals and conventions everywhere, in a variety of degrees, and it’s become…

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Beauty Fashion September 25, 2015

How to Incorporate More Color into Your Wardrobe

Adding color into your wardrobe isn’t that difficult. Many of us will get into a rut or find ourselves stuck to the same palette when picking out new clothes. After a few years, a monotone wardrobe can get pretty old. Here are a few tips for incorporating more color into your wardrobe: Take It Slow The most important tip for incorporating more color into your wardrobe is to add colors slowly. If you’re an experienced fashionista, you probably know what…

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Fashion September 4, 2015

About Steampunk Culture

There are times when we catch a glimpse of an alternative way of life on the streets and wonder “where on earth did THAT come from?” or “how did that look come about?” For steampunk, made popular in England and now gaining steam (pardon the pun) in the United States, these questions actually have legit answers that satisfy the question “what IS steampunk”? Steampunk started as a subgenre of science fiction. It combines a 19th-century Victorian aesthetic with the machinery…

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Fashion September 2, 2015

Goth Style Inspiration: Lorde

Goth style was once relegated to awkward high school kids and shock rockers. Yet in recent years, we’ve been seeing elements of goth culture creeping onto the red carpet and high-fashion catwalks. Singer Lorde has brought goth style to the forefront in a big way. The talented young performer is known for her dark look and her unique style. Successfully avoiding the unapproachable and terrifying appearance that some goth goers are going for, this “soft goth” has actually popped up…

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Fashion August 19, 2015

90’s Trends That Maybe Weren’t a Great Idea

Practically everywhere you look, there’s a resurgence of the 90s–in clothing, hairstyles, makeup, home decorating and design. As history has revealed, there is never a nostalgic revisiting of any period of time that isn’t accompanied by modern alterations and modifications to better suit the times. So now, as we witness so much of the 90s returning full force, it’s worth taking a look at some of that decade’s trends that we’d most likely rather not ever see return. Here is…

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Fashion August 17, 2015

Top Fashion Moments of the 90’s

Loved the 90s? You aren’t alone, and because so many others share your fondness of the decade, the 90s are back, and bigger than ever, thanks to a comfortable blend of nostalgia with modern sensibility. It was during the 90s that the term “Supermodel” was coined, thanks to stellar greats like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista (most memorable trademark comment from Ms. Evangelista was that she “didn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.”) These…

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