Skin Care August 6, 2017

Caring For Your Skin During That Time Of The Month

Woman on period

Hormonal changes in our bodies can put a damper on our skin’s health and appearance. Ladies, you know this better than anyone. Since women experience hormonal changes every month, it can cause our skin to be put through a lot of changes. We know you’re probably tired of the same old struggles every single month, so we did some searching to find out what tips actually work to caring for your skin during that time of the month. If you’re anything like us, you’re willing to try just about anything at this point. Hopefully, some of the tips we’ve discovered will help you out!

Avoid Certain Foods
Ladies…we all know that it’s common to fall off the healthy eating train during that time of the month. Between cravings and an overall low feeling in your body, many of us feel the need to eat a lot of greasy, sugary foods. Many of us have made it part of the routine. The problem is all of those types of foods put more stress on our skin, which is something it doesn’t need when it’s already faced with hormonal changes. As tempting as it is, experts suggest to resist the urge and really focus on avoiding processed, sugary, dairy, greasy type foods. We realize that sounds like you’re cutting out a lot, but when you cut back on those as much as you can during this time, and focus more on vegetables, fruits and lean proteins you’re going to be giving your skin the nutrients it needs and avoid it becoming stressed from the foods you’re consuming.

Use an Exfoliating Product
Before we get into the details, it’s important that whatever exfoliating product you use at this time of the month is gentle and nourishing on the skin. Since the skin is already stressed, using an exfoliating product that’s gentle is absolutely necessary so that you don’t add anything too harsh. Once you have a gentle exfoliating product, we suggest using an exfoliating product right before that time of the month and again during. This helps to detoxify the skin and eliminate any excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells that may have surfaced when your body was going through the hormonal changes leading up/during that time.

Adjust Your Cleansing Products
Cleansing is necessary, regardless of that time of the month. However, since many women experience breakouts due to the hormonal changes it’s suggested to use a cleanser that’s oil-free and really formulated to work with oily skin. This will help to keep the oil production in check a bit better, and you won’t have to worry about adding anything that could cause more oil production in your skin during this time. If you don’t always deal with breakouts, you can just use this cleanser formulation the week before and during that time of the month to keep everything quiet.

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