Beauty Makeup November 6, 2015

Bollywood Makeup Trends

Bollywood, the Hollywood of India, is famous for over the top song and dance scenes, colorful outfits and of course gorgeous women. Bollywood actresses use their eyes to tell a story. You’ll know when she sad, in love, angry or surprised. Her makeup accentuates the eyes for a dramatic look. Let’s explore the wonderful world of sensational Indian eyes.

Cat eyes

The Cat Eye
For a precise and bold eye, try the cat eye, exaggerated cat eye or even a double winged eye liner. Start with a smudge proof liquid or gel liner. For a daring look, use black. For utmost accuracy use an angled brush and elongate the length of your top eyeliner and extend outward. For the double winged eye, do the same on the lower lid and extend the line. For a crisp quality, fill in the space between the upper and lower wings with a white eyeliner pencil. In no time, you’ll be gliding your head from side to side and looking from right to left in a true flirty Bollywood form.

Vivacious Eye Shadow Colors
From Indian bridal makeup to Bollywood glamour, play up the details of your outfit and jewelry with vivid eyeshadow. Start with an eye primer to capture long lasting color. No color is off limits! Create an “I do” look with purple, gold and bronze. While most pair the shadow with luscious black eyelashes, you can also use colored mascara for a dynamic appearance. For an extra eye pop, fix your eyebrows into a perfectly groomed frame. You’ll definitely break out into a spontaneous, yet choreographed dance routine!

Smoky eyes.

The Smoky Eye
For a smoldering sexy smudge use kohl. Since ancient times, kohl was used in the form of a black powder to color eyelids and brows. Today it comes in many forms including eye pencils. For a shadowy effect, draw the kohl close to your lash line. With a small brush, or even your finger, blur the lines in an upward fashion. For enkindled-eye inspiration look to Priyanka Chopra on the new television series Quantico. 

Watching a Bollywood movie or attending a traditional Indian wedding will give you an insider’s view of divine beauty practices. However, check out these Indian beauties familiar to American audiences. They effortlessly mix customary elegance with modern day high fashion.

  1. Mindy Kaling. Once referred to as the “chick from The Office,” Kaling stars in her own show, The Mindy Project. Watch as she incorporates traditional Indian styles into her everyday work and play looks.
  2. Padma Lakshmi. This celebrity chef infuses more than spices into her cooking. This statuesque jewel turns heads with her grace and luxe fashion.
  3. Freida Pinto. This breakout actress from the movie Slumdog Millionaire is a style icon. She can take any Indian beauty practice and subtly incorporate it into her daily look.
  4. Parminder Nagra. Recognized at the sporty and strong-willed daughter in the movie Bend it Like Beckham, she embodies the smoky eyed look.

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