Makeup March 19, 2015

Bold Makeup Looks for Aries

Aries signs are known for their bold, personal, flamboyant style. They are trend setters, and love to be the first one to make a statement. New products in neon and bright shades draw them in, and make them exceptionally happy. Aries not only the desire to stand out, but it actually works for them. Below, Lionesse would like to discuss some of the bold makeup looks that work well for Aries women, so you can incorporate them into your daily makeup routine.

Gorgeous woman with red lipstick.

Red Lipstick
Red lipstick goes for any skin tone or skin color, but when it comes to an Aries woman, it really accentuates her personality. Red is bold and vibrant, and can really draw attention to the face and accent the eyes. A pop of red color is enough to tie the overall look together, and no other cosmetic products are generally needed unless you are using a light crème foundation or mineral powder. Keep it simple, and that bit of colorful simplicity can go a long way.

Closeup portrait a woman with bold smoky eyes makeup

Bold, Smokey Eyes
Smokey eyes are taken to a whole new level when it comes to Aries. Aries women are naturally beautiful by nature, and a smokey eye can really accentuate their beauty even further. It allows the woman’s entire look to be brought together, and is enough to make the entire face stand out. A standalone smokey eye will generally be enough cosmetic product to transform the entire face. If you’d like, apply a sheer lipgloss for an extra pop. When it comes to choosing colors for a smokey eye look, dark black, and charcoal colors are the best bet for an Aries.

Red eyeshadow on the eyes of a woman.

Red Eyeshadow
Though it may sound weird to some, you know what we mean here, Aries. You see the words, ‘red eyeshadow’ and your initial reaction is, “Where can I get some??” We want you to experiment with red shadows and glossy lips, and all that attention you crave will come pouring in. You love being in the limelight and showcasing your features, and that’s why we know this hue is for you! Pair it with some bold mascara and black liquid liner to really set the look off and make it pop.

Beautiful woman using white eyeliner for her for eyes.

White Eyeliner
White eyeliner is always a great look for an Aries woman. Whether you want to achieve this look by itself, or pair it with something like a black or purple eyeshadow, the sky’s the limit with this neutral color. You can play it up or down, wear it classy or punk. Up to you! We think white liquid liner is a great look for you, and hope you will give it a shot.

Aries women are all about going big in terms of their fashion, makeup, and even their hair. They are fashionistas by nature, and desire being the center of attention. Not that that’s a bad thing! We at Lionesse hope this article has helped you develop a new spring bold makeup look for your Aries personality, and we welcome your comments and feedback!

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    cathy April 18, 2015 at 6:07 am

    really cool tip on the white linerfor eyes, usually use green or purple, because black is to over powering

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