Beauty Makeup November 19, 2016

Best Makeup Looks of 2016

2016 has been a year FULL of different trends with makeup, beauty and fashion.  We’ve definitely seen a lot of variations throughout this year, and with social media at an all-time high, it seems like the trends are changing even more rapidly than before.  As the year comes to a close, we thought it was the perfect time to chat about the best makeup looks of 2016.  We always feel a bit nostalgic as another year starts to come to an end, and it always has us wanting to take a look back at what happened – it’s no different with makeup!

woman with fresh face

Fresh Faced
We’ve all been in the heavy, contoured makeup looks for a bit now so this year when we saw beauty bloggers and runway shows showing more of that ‘fresh faced’ look with less makeup… we were totally on board.  It’s refreshing in a way, in the era of the Kardashians it can be a bit exhausting to feel like you have to stay in full contoured makeup every day.  Minimal foundation and makeup really was all over the place this year, even down to the #nomakeup trend celebs like Alicia Keys and even the makeup queen herself Kim Kardashian were rocking at special events.

Metallic Shadows
Another favorite makeup look of ours this year has to be the popularity of metallic shadows.  We really saw everything from gold tones to silvers and bronzes, there was no limitation of metallic hues on eyelids everywhere.  We love the metallic shadow use this year, it’s such a great way to instantly give your makeup look a little glamorous feeling even if you just apply a little bit.  It’s a nice fresh take on special occasion makeup, that has been more about the smokey eyes in recent years.  Another reason we loved the metallic shadow makeup looks in 2016 is because we saw so many great looks on all skin tones and types.  Since metallic colors really range if vibrancy and colors, there’s something for everyone here – so it was a trend that was much more all-encompassing than some trends tend to be.

woman with dark lips

Dark Lips
While the fresh faced makeup trend has been everywhere, we can’t leave out the dark lipstick, makeup looks that have been everywhere this year.  Since we’re really experiencing a full on 90’s fashion trend revival, it was really only natural we had the darker lipstick colors come into fruition this year.  The dark lipstick colors are ranging from dark brown tones to reds and even purples.  Personally, we love the edgy bold vibe that a dark lipstick color gives to any look.  It kind of instantly gives you that ‘cool girl’ look no matter what you’re wearing.  The other bonus is dark lipstick is such a statement, it’s really essential to keep the rest of your makeup pretty neutral – enter in the fresh faced makeup for the rest of your look.

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