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Beauty Tips That Lead To A Stress Free Day

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Stress…unfortunately, it’s a part of everyone’s life in one way or another.  If you’re like us, you’re always looking for ways to eliminate some stress from you’re life – you’re in the right place.  Although stress is often thought to be a part of life, we know that there are certain things we can do to help minimize the stress levels.  You know we’re not stingy with the advice, so we’re sharing our tips with you – of course!  Actually, we’re talking about beauty tips that lead to a stress free day.  Peak your interest?  Keep reading!

Get Your Beauty Sleep
Sound obvious?  Let’s face it…it’s pretty rare that we actually get enough sleep on a regular basis.  But getting enough sleep does wonders for our skin and beauty PLUS can help us have less stress throughout your day.  Ever notice how when you’re just completely exhausted everything seems to feel a little more stressful?  But when we have enough rest…it’s much easier to be able to think clearly, logically and handle situations that come at us throughout the day in a much less stressful way.

Give Yourself More Time In The Morning 
Starting your day in a rush is just adding to the stress.  As much as we get you want to catch those few extra minutes of sleep (if you’re not getting to bed at a decent hour), starting your day in a rushed state isn’t helping your stress at all.  Instead of starting your day rushed, make it a decision to get up at a time that’s going to give you plenty of time to do what you need to do in the morning – with a few extra minutes.  Be realistic with yourself as to how much time you would like to get ready, put your makeup on, get dressed, eat breakfast…etc.  And actually give yourself that amount of time.  You’re going to feel better because you’ll actually have enough time to get yourself ready for the day, and you won’t be doing so in a rushed state.

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We get it, when you’re stressed it can seem like finding the time to exercise is nearly impossible.  But the truth is, exercising is something that gives you a ton of different benefits.  Of course, you’re getting the benefits for your beauty and health reasons – helping you to stay in shape, help with your skin’s appearance, and stay healthy.  But exercise has also been found to work wonders for stress, especially when you’re able to start your day with an exercise routine of some sort.  Exercising helps to give you a great boost of energy in a natural way, and also helps to give you a release for your stress.  Talk about a win-win-win!

Plan The Night Before
We often overlook the idea of planning our outfits and meals the night before, but it can do wonders for helping us to eliminate some stress throughout our day.  Make it a point to choose your outfit the night before, lay out your beauty tools, and plan your breakfast – it will save you time in the morning without having to sacrifice your hunger or appearance.

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