Skin Care February 7, 2017

Beauty Solutions for Every Skin Type

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Taking care of your skin is something that we all have quite a bit of focus on, most of us realize that in order to have the glowing skin we want we need to take the necessary steps in our beauty routine to achieve it.  In addition to taking care of your skin, your skin type plays a major role in how you care for your skin and the solutions you need to seek out.  We’re sharing our favorite beauty solutions for every skin type, because although there are certain solutions that are specific to certain skin types there are also solutions that can every skin type can adapt and find relief with.

Use a Gentle Cleanser
It’s easy to feel as though using a cleanser that’s a bit more harsh will really help give you that cleansing treatment that you want from a cleanser.  However, what many experts have found is that regardless of your skin type you need to make sure that your cleanser isn’t too harsh.  When we use a cleanser that’s too harsh, regardless of your skin type, it’s been found to strip too many of the natural oils out of our skin and cause us to have some problems in our skin.  Instead, switching to a gentle cleanser has been found to give all skin types the cleansing benefits it needs and maintain your skin’s health.

Exfoliate Your Skin Consistently
Exfoliating skin is something that’s skipped among many of the skin types.  While you’ve likely heard or read that it’s important to exfoliate, you may not be in the habit of being consistent with it.  Exfoliating your skin can be a major beauty solution for so many struggles, regardless of your skin type.  Exfoliating your skin helps to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, oil and grime from the skin in a really gentle and healthy way.  Essentially, exfoliating helps to really get a deep clean on our skin in a way that simply cleansing can’t get to all the time.  Not to mention, it helps our skin to better absorb products because it’s able to get such a deep clean.

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Avoid Irritants
Regardless of your skin type, another one of our must know beauty solutions is to avoid products that are filled with irritants in them.  Irritants include fragrances and sulfates most often.  Why?  Because these are known irritants regardless of your skin type they can cause you to experience problems in your skin that you can easily avoid.

All Skin Needs Moisture
A common myth we hear people talking about is that they don’t all feel they need to moisturize their skin, however, regardless of your skin type you need to make sure you’re moisturizing your skin on a daily basis.  Yes, even if you have oily skin!  The truth is, our skin needs moisture and hydration in order to be healthy and happy.  The key is to make sure that the moisturizing product you’re using is designed and formulated with your skin type in mind.  When your skin is moisturized it’s able to function properly and be much healthier.

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