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Basic Skincare Tips For The Everyday Man

We realized recently that we spend a lot of time talking to ladies about skin care and beauty tips, but we haven’t forgotten about the guys!  Men need to take care of their skin just like women do, and unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of talk around the men’s world about skin care.  So you know us, we decided to chat about it ourselves.  We’re sharing the basic skincare tips for the everyday man, because skin care doesn’t have to be difficult and we know that men want to know the basics FIRST.  So let’s start with the basics, guys!

man washing face

Cleansing Your Skin Is Key
To really get your basic skin care in check you need to make sure that you have a great quality face cleansing product that you use.  No, it’s not enough to just use whatever the first cleanser you can find is.  It’s important that, just like the ladies, you use a cleansing product that’s designed to work with your skin type to make sure that you’re getting the best results from your efforts.  In addition, make sure that you’re cleansing your skin twice a day – that’s once in the morning and once before you head to bed.  Doing this will keep your pores clean and free from a lot of excess dirt, grime and oil.

Get Your Moisturizing Routine In Check
Keeping your skin well moisturized is really important when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and happy.  When your skin is too dry is often when you’ll notice dry skin, flakes and even premature aging to occur.  Opt for a really good quality moisturizer to use after you’ve cleansed your skin.  Look for something that’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants to really get the most out of your moisturizer.  Make sure that you apply a moisturizer to your skin after every time you cleanse your skin.  This will help to lock in the moisture and hydration into your skin and really create a good barrier on your skin so you have some protection from the environmental elements that you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

man shaving

Don’t Skimp On The Shaving Cream
Similar to the cleanser, you don’t want to skimp on just using the first shaving cream you come across.  Having a quality shaving cream product is going to ensure that you’re creating enough moisture and lubrication on your skin between it and the razor when you shave.  Many people experience razor burn when they don’t use a high enough quality shaving cream product.

Don’t Forget the SPF
You’ve probably heard about women constantly talking about applying SPF on a consistent basis for their skin, but it’s not just for the ladies – guys!  Men need to make sure to protect their skin from the sun as well, that means making sure that you don’t leave the house without applying a quality SPF product to your skin for protection.  In addition, try to minimize the amount of time your skin is exposed to the sun – especially during the high sun peak hours.

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