Skin Care May 13, 2017

Avoid These Sun Protection Mistakes

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You already know that you need to wear SPF, and as we make our way into the warmer weather months applying SPF is incredibly important. The sun wreaks a lot of havoc on our skin and is said to be one of the leading causes of aging to occur in the skin, especially premature aging traits. While knowing that applying SPF is important, doing so in the right way is just as important (if not more). Unfortunately, there are quite a few mistakes people make with sun protection. Avoid these sun protection mistakes…

Not applying SPF in the right time
Experts suggest that the best time to apply SPF so that your skin is well protected from the sun is to do so 30 minutes before you head outside. Giving your skin this time buffer helps to give your skin a chance to absorb the SPF and become effective before being exposed to the sun. Not giving your skin enough time, you begin to run the risk of exposing your skin to damage and too much UV exposure.

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Not Using Enough Product
Just like it’s important to make sure your skin has a chance to absorb the product in enough time. It’s just as important to make sure that you’re using enough of the actual product. Experts stress that many people don’t use enough SPF when applying it to their skin. It’s said that you should use at least a tablespoon worth of SPF to cover your body, and have enough product applied. The point is, don’t skimp on applying SPF to your skin when applying. Additionally, be sure that when you’re applying SPF product to your skin you’re getting every area of your skin. The neck, ears, hands and lips tend to be the most forgotten areas of the skin. Remember that ALL of your skin needs protection from the sun and should be treated accordingly.

Not Reapplying the Product Throughout the Day
Another common mistake that many people tend to make with sun protection is strictly applying the product one time throughout the day. It’s been found that you’re only achieving the sun protection benefits from SPF for 2-3 hours at a time. Once you go past that 2-3 hour mark, the SPF doesn’t hold its protection benefits as well. That being said, it’s important to make sure that you’re reapplying SPF to your skin every 2-3 hours throughout the day to keep your skin continuously protected.

Not Applying SPF Every Day
It’s easy to feel like the days when the sun isn’t out, our skin isn’t being exposed to harmful rays. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s been found that even on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t seem to be out, our skin can become damaged from UV rays. Knowing this, it’s necessary to be sure that you’re applying SPF to your skin every single day. Yes, even those days that is cloudy and grey. And yes, ALL year long.

What tips have you found beneficial to help with sun protection?

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