Skin Care February 14, 2017

Avoid Damage From Picking and Popping Pimples

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Do you have the habit of picking and popping pimples?  We know we’re not the first to tell you doing so is not doing your skin any favors.  Picking and popping our pimples can actually cause a lot more skin damage to occur, much more than just the pimples.  Look, we’re human being just like you and we know it can be a serious habit to start picking and popping pimples – likely not even really realizing how often you do it.  However, since it has been found to be a habit that can cause your skin to suffer significantly we thought we would share some tips on how to avoid damage from picking and popping pimples by giving you a few things to try out to keep you from doing so.

Get Rid of Any Tools You Have and Use
If you’re a regular pimple picker and popper, you may have some designated tools that you use to help you get the job done.  Using things like needles, tweezers, or something else are pretty common among those that tend to pick and pop their pimples often.  If you fall into this category….try just tossing those tools out.  When you don’t have them at your access it will be much less tempting to actually use them.  So…go ahead, just toss them your skin will thank you for it in the long run anyways.

Try To Be More Aware
Since many people really don’t even realize how much they pick and pop their pimples, we suggest trying to become more self aware in this way.  Try to really pay attention to what your daily habits are with your skin, make note of how often you touch your skin, pick at it, or pop any pimples.  You’ll likely be shocked at just how often you’re actually falling into the habit of doing these things.  But if you’re not fully aware as to how often you do it, it can be difficult to really stop the habit.  So start paying attention to where your hands are all the time – especially in relation to your skin.

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Get Facials More Often
If you struggle with picking and popping pimples, it may be because you find you’re dealing with pimples more often than you’d like.  It’s worth considering heading into the spa to get a facial treatment every so often.  The professionals that give facials can give you extractions in a safe way, and also help keep your skin on track and hopefully avoid some of those pimples that may be popping up more often than you’d like.

Have Someone You Keep Accountable
Just like with any other goal, or breaking a bad habit, sometimes we need that friend/family member/supporter that will catch us when we fall into the bad habit again.  Decide who is in your close circle that you know will not hesitate to call you out if you fall into the habit again, and will pay attention to whether you’re doing it or not.  It can make a major difference when you have someone to keep you accountable.

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