Skin Care November 3, 2016

Apply Your Retinol Products After Dark

If you’ve been paying attention to the ingredients in your skin care products, especially any anti-aging products, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the use of retinol in many of them.  Retinol has grown to become a very commonly used ingredient in many anti-aging products, it’s said to be a milder version of tretinoin, which is an ingredient used in many prescription only skin care products.  Both ingredients have been found to have many benefits in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, which is why retinol has become so widely used.  One thing that many aren’t telling you is really when you should be applying your retinol products.

The timing on when you apply skin care products can often play a major role in how they work, this is especially important with retinol.  Many skin care companies don’t necessarily let users know that retinol products should be applied after dark, and only after dark.  We’re not telling you that you need to be a vampire or anything (this isn’t Twilight), but there’s a really important reason behind why you should apply your retinol products after dark.

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Ok, ok, we’re going to tell you the reason!  The reason you should be applying your retinol products after dark is because retinol is an ingredient that’s said to actually turn over your skin’s cell production/turnover.  So you’re getting newer skin more frequently, but when we have this skin cell turnover the skin is now in a much more delicate, fresher state.  What does this mean?  It’s more susceptible to damage if not applied properly.  You know how babies’ skin is sensitive to sun because it’s so…new?  Well, that same idea applies when you use retinol products.  This is why it’s SO important that you’re applying these retinol products after dark, so that your skin isn’t getting too much access to the sun too soon.

So what this is telling you is that you should go check your skincare products, if you’re using any products that contain retinol in them start to only use them in your nighttime skincare routine.  It’s one of those factors that may seem like a “little” thing in the scheme of your daily skin care routine, but it really can make a major difference.  And since we know you’re applying these products to benefit your skin, it’s important to make sure that you’re utilizing them in the way that they’re intended.

The thing to consider in all this is that retinol isn’t just being used in skin care products, but makeup and other beauty products as well.  And it can cause problems to your skin down the line.  Take a look at your beauty products and determine what items you have that contain retinol and make sure that you’re using them at the right time of day.

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