Skin Care January 22, 2016

An App Can Tell If Your Anti-Aging Routine Is Working!

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Powered by Microsoft, the hard work of the Youth Laboratories Team has at long last paid off, big, thanks to their fans on Kickstarter enthusiastically responding with a full 100% financial backing. $12,187 of requested operating capital was received and now, the world needs to brace for the next frontier in cosmetics, anti-aging support and diagnostics. There is a newcomer to the arena–an artificial intelligence that is yours to resource as a chief component in your most effective anti-aging arsenal. It works by giving you the directives for adjusting your lifestyle in order to gain a more youthful looking beauty.

Techcrunch Report
In a recent article on Techcrunch by Zoltan Istvan entitled, The First International Beauty Contest Judged by Robots, Istvan describes this contest as one where participants used a specific app to take selfies and submit them to the contest’s website. It’s all about a new more sophisticated level of facial recognition algorithms that can actually depend on machines to get it right, in judging beauty by the highest standards. At least, this system should be as close to unbiased and fair as they come, right?

The “Why”
Istvan goes on to share the intent of the effort: implementing new, deep learning systems for facial and facial change recognition in a move to evaluate the effect on the perception of these changes by different demographics–regarding age, race, ethnicities and nationalities. There’s a method to the madness, here, and it’s all about monitoring youthfulness to also implement it. The goal here is to launch a series of apps by which users can track how various products perform on their faces, by using an entirely impartial opinion developed from deep-learned algorithms.

Ongoing Research Efforts
With more and more teams from all over the world invited to participate, this contest will continue to run every six months, with entrants submitting their robots to evaluate human faces on various parameters. Ultimately, the hope is to arrive at complex evaluation tools whereby machines can evaluate humans. The success could enable robots to act more like humans, even understanding our ways and responses. It’s not going to be all that easy to continue to find participants willing to be told by a machine whether they are beautiful or dog-ugly–or somewhere in between.

The Sky’s the Non-Limit
Inquiring minds may not even be ready to embrace the full scope of what could come from this technology. It gets as far-fetched as your mind can conceive, and then some. The thing is, it’s here, and it’s going to stay here, and with predictions leading to robots endowed with such deep levels of perception that they might one day even be falling in love with each other. This is from the proverbial horse’s mouth, OK?

What’s Next
Microsoft is gearing up for the Beta launch of this easy and simple mobile app that will more specifically enable users to:

  • initially assess and log, and then track the wrinkle status in various facial areas
  • weigh-in on the efficacy of different products all at one time
  • compare your looks against your age group and friends (ouch!)
  • determine how different cosmetic applications and techniques influence the way your face is perceived
  • report to you personalized ways in which you can keep your face young looking and healthier looking

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