Skin Care May 12, 2016

Amber’s Power

Amber stones

There are so many incredible, natural products that so many of us aren’t even aware exist.  Amber is one of those natural things that so many people don’t realize hold insane benefits.  Amber itself is actually a tree resin.  Amber is most often made into jewelry and oils.  While it’s not the most commonly used naturally derived product, many people do use it for its incredible health benefits.  We decided to share a few of the most commonly sought after uses of amber in the health related aspect to introduce you to amber a bit more.

Skin Health
When used as an oil, amber oil is often used during massages as it’s said to act as a rejuvenating ingredient.  Many users have found amber oil provides incredible anti-aging properties, many of which are based on the rejuvenating effect it has on the skin.  More specifically, it’s said to increase and give a boost to new skin cell growth – incredibly important for anti-aging.  You can definitely use amber oil yourself (not just for massage), it’s recommended to use in a steaming manner by adding a few drops to hot water and reaping the benefits of the steam.  Additionally, using the oil in this manner can often assist in unclogging pores – great for acne and breakouts!

Incredible Health Benefits
Amber oil, like many essential oils, give users multiple uses.  The health benefits that have been found by using amber oil include an incredible range.  Spanning from reducing inflammation (internal and external) to providing pain relief temporarily to particular areas of the body to giving relief to those suffering from congestion or other breathing struggles.  Talk about being filled with major health benefits.

Amber Jewelry Benefits
Something that many articles states has been passed down for many years is the use of amber jewelry for quite a surprising use!  Amber teething necklaces have been used for many, many years as a more ‘natural’ source.  It’s said to give teething babies pain relief.  Much of this is believed to come from amber’s anti-inflammatory benefits, in turn giving teething babies some relief if they’re experiencing inflamed gums.  Additionally, amber is often used as a calming source again providing teething children with some calmness in their discomfort from the teething process.  It’s said these benefits are seen the most when the amber is actually touching the skin.

The use of amber for health benefits stems back to Ancient Egyptians and has been continued to be used throughout the years.  In fact, even now, many European countries pharmacies even sell products with amber in them as it’s known and respected for its incredible health benefits.

Amber holds incredible power as it relates to our health, well-being and even our skin.  Like many essential oils and natural health products, amber is beginning again gain momentum and popular in today’s world.  While it isn’t a new product to be used in health, it’s great to see it gaining momentum and people appreciate amber for all the incredible benefits it has to offer users.

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