Skin Care June 29, 2016

Air Conditioning and Your Skin

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It’s the middle of summer, and it’s likely your house and office is blasting the air conditioning.  As the temperatures and humidity levels rise, the temperatures indoor lower.  While we love stepping into a cool home after dealing with the heat outside, does air conditioning have a negative effect on our skin?  There’s a lot of chatter around whether it negatively impacts our skin’s health – as we all sit in a cool air conditioned homes.  So we’re going to dive into the facts on how air conditioning may be affecting your skin, to keep you well informed!

The cold, hard truth as many skin care experts have shared is that air conditioning can definitely negatively impact your skin.  The reason being is it adds a level of dryness to the air…and your skin.  This dryness can lead to your skin not maintaining its hydration, because it reduces the natural oils in your skin.  It makes sense, really, because when the air is dry we all tend to feel dry.  So naturally, it makes its way to our skin as well.

In addition to air conditioning causing our skin to lack hydration and become dry, it’s also been found to irritation existing skin irritations.  If you’re struggling with skin irritations like psoriasis or eczema, the extreme temperature differences between outside and inside can spike major irritation in the skin – making the conditions act up.  If you do struggle with those skin problems, you definitely want to avoid aggravating them as much as possible.  If you notice them getting extra irritated during the summer months – the air conditioning indoors could be the culprit.

Finally, if you’re in air conditioning a lot and the buildings you’re in aren’t cleaning their filters out regularly they can cause even more skin problems.  Things such as chapped lips, excessive skin dryness, and even skin infection can be caused by filters that aren’t being cleaned regularly or properly.  Because air conditioning is relying on the movement of air throughout an enclosed area it’s super important that the air that’s being circulated is clean.  You’re not going to have windows open while the air conditioning is on, so your body and skin won’t be exposed to fresh air – which is why it can develop additional problems or irritations when filters are dirty.

You’re probably thinking, ‘well how do we prevent these things from happening when we need the air conditioning on?’  Valid question!  Experts suggest making sure you amp up your moisturizing regimen when you’re in air conditioning a lot.  This will help prevent your skin from becoming too dry, this also includes lip balm and taking care of moisturizing your lips as well.  Additionally, make sure you’re cleaning out the filters in the air conditioning unit frequently and properly to help avoid the damage that can be done from unclean units.  Finally, try taking breaks from the air conditioning to step outside and get some fresh air and give your skin a dose of natural air.

Have you ever experienced negative skin effects from air conditioning?

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