Fashion August 1, 2017

Advice For Avoiding Beauty And Fashion Mistakes

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Beauty and fashion are areas of our lives that can often feel end up as a hit or miss. Understanding, or even knowing what to avoid leaves a LOT out on the line. Of course we’re not here to put more stress on you, rather here to help solve some of those missing links for you. Feeling confident in your beauty and fashion decisions can help you feel more confident overall. So…we’ve put together some of our favorite advice for avoiding beauty and fashion mistakes. You can thank us later!

Dull, Dry Skin
Let’s face it-dull, dry skin isn’t something any of us want to have. This time of year, not giving your skin enough moisture and hydration is a major beauty mistake. It’s fairly easy to end up with skin that’s dry and dull this time of year because of the weather elements we are exposed to. The best way to avoid that dreaded dull, dry skin is to enlist the assistance of a sheet mask. Sheet masks have been a huge trend in the past year and we’re all about them! Especially this time of year, when our skin needs a little added hydration/moisture benefit, adding a sheet mask into your weekly skin care routine can work wonders. We suggest focusing on a sheet mask that’s goal is to add nourishment and hydration into your skin to gain the most benefit to fight that dull, dry skin.

Non-flattering Swimwear
During the summer, many of us tend to spend more time in swimwear than any other time of the year. Swimwear can come with a variety of different emotions for women-we’re all on the same page there! The main fashion miss in terms of swimwear is wearing a suit that doesn’t flatter or really work WITH your body shape. Listen, we get it-we’re all tough on our bodies and can find a million and one things to not like about it. However, when we choose swimwear (and anything fashion related) based solely on trend rather than options that flatter your body shape and make YOU feel great it’s difficult to feel as great as you could. We suggest focusing on swimwear that flatters your shape first, and also makes you feel great in the swimwear.

Eyeshadow Creasing
Oh, the ever dreaded creasing of the eyeshadow. If you’ve ever applied your makeup and noticed a while later that your eyeshadow was creasing, you definitely know what we’re talking about here. We’re just going to be honest here, eyeshadow creasing is a beauty mistake, but before you panic, we DO have advice on how to avoid that from happening. The key is to start with your eyelid as dry/free of oil as possible before applying ANY products to your eyelid area. Once you’ve done that, applying an eyeshadow primer to the lid (you generally only need a small amount) is going to be a game changer in holding your makeup in place and kicking that creasing to the side.

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