Skin Care August 30, 2016

Acne May Hint About Your Health

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By now you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body.  We’ve kind of grown into becoming a society that some may say are slightly obsessed with having flawless, gorgeous skin.  It’s safe to say it’s definitely a goal for a majority of the population. While having flawless skin for the appearance of it, is definitely sought out many experts are discovering that our skin is showing a lot of signs of our internal health than many of us may even realize (or want to realize).  We’ve discovered some information on how acne may hint about your health to share with you.

Areas Of Acne
One of the links that has been made with acne is the relationship to WHERE on the face someone is experiencing acne and a particular internal health issue.  If you’re experiencing acne one of the most important things to notice is where on your face the acne is popping up.  You may not typically think about the location acne…other than wherever it is always seems to be the most inconvenient place.

Signs Of Health Issues
As we said, experts are finding out that there’s a link between where acne is popping up and an internal health issue.   Some of the most common health signs from acne may shock you!  Typically, if you experience acne on your forehead it’s been known to be a sign of gallbladder or even stomach problems.  If you’re experiencing acne on your nose at all, it could be a sign of liver or spleen problems.  Finding that acne is popping up around or on your cheeks?  That could be a sign of liver or lung problems.  How about acne around/on your jawline?  That’s typically an indication of hormonal problems and/or stomach struggles.  Last but certainly not least, if you find that you’re struggling with acne at your chin it’s typically a sign of kidney problems.

Now, if you’re experiencing acne in any of these areas and you’re not sure if it is a sign of your internal health it’s definitely worth seeking the help of a professional.  Often times less traditional types of medical professionals like acupuncturists are known for treating acne in relationship to your internal health, and many actually specialize in it.  Of course, it’s up to you and your comfort level when it comes to who you feel most comfortable with seeking treatment from.  But asking an expert to help you look deeper at causes of any acne you may be experiencing is really important.  As more and more skincare professionals continue to see that there’s a massive relationship between your internal health and acne – expect the information to become more and more prominent.

The days of treating acne solely topically, are kind of becoming less popular, and more medical professionals are looking at what’s going on inside.  It’s definitely a different way of thinking and treating acne and we’re excited to see what other information comes out in regards to this!

Have you experienced acne as a result to internal health issues?

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