Skin Care October 19, 2016

Achieving A Beautiful Fall Glow

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Typically when we hear ‘glow’ with think of it in terms of a summer glow, but who says we can’t have a glow in the fall months?  We’re all about achieving a glow all year round, especially in the fall season.  Generally, the weather starts to change the weather becomes cooler and gloomier which is even more reason to want a little extra glow boost.  So naturally we’re sharing tips to achieving a beautiful fall glow this season so you don’t have to stop enjoying glowing skin after the summer months.

Eat Balanced
Most of us typically want to gravitate towards those comfort foods in the fall season, they feel…comforting and we’re all starting to get into that hibernation mode a bit.  But the thing about some of those comfort foods is they can be a little too oily and probably don’t have enough of the essential nutrients our skin needs in order to really get that glow in our skin.  Eating a balanced diet, filled with a lot of fresh fruits and veggies is going to be incredibly helpful when it comes to achieving a glow this fall season.  You’re especially going to want to look for foods that are loaded with Vitamin C and other essential minerals your skin needs in order to function properly and give you that glow.  Try to avoid too many processed or greasy foods and incorporate more of the fresh food groups.

Moisturize Like Crazy
We couldn’t leave out moisturizing when it comes to achieving a glow this fall season.  Like we’ve mentioned, your skin is probably going to get more dry and flaky.  One of the best ways to combat that is to apply moisturizers like crazy and generously.

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Of course, one of the major aspects of getting a glow any time of the year is exfoliating your skin on a regular basis.  Because our skin tends to be drier this time of year, using an exfoliating product to eliminate those dead skin cells is going to do wonders for giving you that hydration and exfoliation.  Just remember to use an exfoliating product that’s gentle on your skin and accommodating any skin changes you may have this time of year.

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