Skin Care August 24, 2017

A Simple Skin Care Routine That Works

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Do you want a simple skin care routine that works? We know, that’s probably an obvious question but we wanted to make sure you’re in the right place! Skin care has become such a massive industry in itself, with countless products and treatments available to us it’s easy to get into the mindset that we need to be using EVERYTHING in order to achieve results. While there are products, when added strategically, that can provide incredible results to your skin sometimes simplicity is the better option. There is such a thing as over doing it with your skin care routine, so we decided to give you some insight on a simple skin care routine that works for pretty much anyone.

Start With Cleansing
Cleansing is a step everyone should apply to their skin care routine. Seriously, no one should be skipping the cleansing step in their skin care routine. Cleansing is something that helps to remove any excess dirt, oil and the environmental factors that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, it’s very important and they will teach you that in any esthetician course. Many experts have suggested that cleansing helps to remove a lot of free radicals and pollutants that end up on our skin’s surface throughout the day-those elements can cause a lot of damage to our skin over time. Cleansing should be a step you’re doing twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before heading to bed.

Next Up, Toning
Toning has grown to become an essential step in everyone’s skin care routine, but tends to be the most forgotten step for most people. When you’re sticking with a simple skin care routine that actually works, toning needs to be a step that’s applied to your routine promptly after you cleanse your skin. Toning the skin aids in creating more balance in your skin’s surface. The reason creating more balance in your skin is important is because it gives your skin the “OK” in a sense to absorb the products that you apply promptly after the toning step.

Serums Are a Must
After you tone your skin, applying a high quality serum to your skin is a must. Regardless of your age, your skin type and any skin concerns you’re dealing with serums can be incredibly powerful at helping to heal and protect your skin. Since serums are more concentrated products and consist of quality ingredients, you’re able to reap the benefits of a serum in a way that you’re not able to from other type of skin care products. The key is to apply the serum after you tone your skin, and before you moisturize.

Finally, Moisturize
To complete your simple yet effective skin care routine, moisturizer is the finale. After you’ve given your skin the opportunity to fully absorb the serum you apply to your skin, following that up with moisturizer is an absolute must. Moisturizing products are incredible at, well…providing more essential moisture into your skin. They’re also great at aiding your skin in really locking in the serum’s benefits.

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