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A No-Frills Beauty Routine For Summer


Summer time have you wanting to simplify your beauty routine? Most of us tend to want less stress and frills with our beauty routines during the winter months. With the weather getting warmer, and most of us spending more time outdoors, there’s something that has us wanting to take a step back and keep things as simple as possible. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You may be thinking a no-frills beauty routine for summer isn’t possible-but it is! We have a few tips on how to adapt a no-frills beauty routine for summer, but also make sure that your skin is getting the care it needs.

Stick With The Basics
Regardless of your beauty routine, it’s essential that you’re always maintaining the 3 basic steps. What are those? Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. These 3 steps are necessary for every healthy skin care routine. They’re the basics, but adapting the basics to your beauty routine is crucial in really helping you to keep your skin healthy and clean throughout the summer months. Even though you’re keeping things basic, make sure the products you use for these steps are formulated to work with your skin type so you’re able to really get the full benefit of your time and energy. You probably know that SPF is a must this time of year, one way to keep things simple and no-frill inspired is to adapt a moisturizing product that also includes SPF. This way you’re getting two steps wrapped up into one.

Be Light With Your Makeup
Makeup, it’s something that we love (or love to hate) but truthfully most of us feel much more pulled together when we have a bit of makeup on. That being said, this is all about a no-frills beauty routine for summer so how do you keep makeup in a no-frills category? Keep it light! Opt for lightweight foundation products, and minimal makeup in general. The less you apply, the less you have to worry about smearing or smudging in the summer heat. Instead of a medium or full coverage foundation, change it up for a tinted moisturizer to keep the additional moisture in your skin but have a bit of coverage. In addition, keep the rest of your makeup lightweight. Crème blushes and highlighters are great to add a touch of color and contour to your face without doing a full contouring method. Just finish your look with a great moisturizer and that’s really all you need.

summer hair

Stick With a Super Easy Hair Routine
Our hair can be the source of a lot of frill and fuss in our beauty routine, but it really doesn’t have to be. Since this summer season the trends are all about embracing the natural texture in your hair, it’s going to make a no-frill hair routine that much more chic! Let your hair air dry and forget about using a lot of heat to style your hair (on the regular, anyways). Use texturizing products in your hair to bring out and tame your natural texture and work with what you’ve got!

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