Skin Care January 4, 2017

5 Habits that Age Your Skin

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Worried about showing signs of aging on your skin?  You’re not alone. Let’s face it – most of us are worried about our skin developing signs of aging.  What you may not realize is that some of the habits that you have may be causing your skin to age, or appear to look more aged. We’re discussing 5 habits that age your skin so you can be in the know with any of the habits that you may have that are affecting your skin’s aging process.

Not Removing Your Makeup 
Look, we totally get that after a long day or night out on the town the last thing you want to do is take a few more minutes to take your makeup off before hitting the pillow for bed.  However, when you DON’T take those few extra minutes to remove your makeup before going to bed, it’s a habit that can age your skin pretty quickly.  When you don’t remove your makeup, you’re not allowing your skin to breathe and get any environmental factors off your skin that you may have been exposed to throughout the day.  So before you get to bed, make sure you’re taking your makeup off every night.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep 
We understand that it’s much easier to say that you need to get enough skin than actually be able to get it.  We definitely live in a world that’s constantly on the go, and doesn’t get nearly enough sleep.  However, our skin needs sleep to be able to recover and repair itself – especially from the aging process.  When we’re asleep our bodies work to repair itself, so naturally when we’re not getting enough sleep our bodies aren’t able to work to do their thing to keep from aging quicker.

Not Using the Right Products  
Using skin care products is an important part of keeping your skin from aging, however, it’s not enough to just use any skin care products.  Not using quality skin care products, or products that are specifically formulated to work with your skin type can definitely impact the way our skin ages – if we’re not giving our skin the necessary products and treatments it can counteract all the effort.

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Not Protecting it From The Sun 
Experts have found that the biggest factor that plays into skin aging is damage caused by the sun’s rays.  That being said, when we don’t protect our skin from the sun it ages our skin tremendously.  If you’re not applying SPF to your skin on a daily basis, it’s time to break that habit and get on track to make sure that you’re protecting your skin and helping to avoid falling into this habit that ages your skin.

Not Treating All Areas of Your Skin
Finally, one of the habits we notice many people fall into with their skin aging is not treating all the areas of their skin equally.  Specifically, most people tend to neglect their chest, neck and hands – which is often why these areas are known to show signs of aging much quicker.  So make sure you’re treating ALL of your skin equally.

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