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2016 Fall Beauty Trends

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We hate to break it to you, but fall is on its way.  While we don’t necessarily want summer to end we do always love the beginning of new exciting trends.  Because with every new season comes new beauty and fashion trends for us to look forward to, learn about, and embrace how/if we want.  While we love new trends every season, we also love being able to incorporate WHAT trends we want into our own beauty routines and looks.  We’re sharing some of the popular beauty trends you can expect to see this fall, to give you some inspiration yourself!

Matte Red Lips
Red lips are typically looked at as more of a classic trend, but this season you can expect to see them EVERYWHERE even more so than normal.  The biggest difference in this fall’s beauty trend is that there’s a lot of matte red lip looks that were walking across the runways of fall fashion week, so expect there to be more matte than glossy red.  The past year or two there has been a major increase in popularity of matte lips, so we’re not all that surprised that it’s being incorporated into the typically classic red lip look.  The good news is there’s a red lip color for every woman, it’s just about finding the red shade that you like most in yourself.  Have fun with it!

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Low Polished Ponytails
It seems like topknots have been all the rage for a few years now, but this season there’s a little mixing up happening and we’re seeing more slicked back low ponytails than topknots.  The fall runway shows had different styles of low ponytails happening whether it was incorporating hair accessories or just keeping it simple, the great part of this trend is it’s super easy to do and gives you a gorgeous polished look that’s effortlessly chic.

Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles
Ok, before you start to think we’ve lost our minds hang with us.  We’ve all kind of knocked the sparkle makeup thing for the past few years and chalked it up to being ‘tacky’ but guess what?  It’s back and in full effect this fall season.  Just like any other trend, you have the freedom to try this trend however you want.  There was a lot of sparkly makeup on the runways for the fall season, naturally, on the runways, it was a more dramatic look but a lot of sparkle makeup happening.  One way to incorporate the sparkle trend in a wearable way is to add just a touch to your eyelid – just a little glam without overdoing it.  Find a way to incorporate sparkles that you love – there’s gotta be one way!

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Black Liner All the Way
Now as much as eyeliner is an always in kinda thing, black liner is EVERYWHERE this season.  With the major 90’s influx we’ve seen, expect to see some smudged liner to get a little grunge look into the mix.  But honestly, rock your black liner in your favorite way and you’re sure to be on trend!

What’s your favorite 2016 fall beauty trend?

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