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Your Guide To A Classic French Beauty Routine

Throughout the world, there are so many different cultures, and women follow many different beauty routines. However, even though there are so many different routines, tips and techniques used throughout the world it seems like so many of us always go back to the French beauty admiration. There’s something about French women that manage to make beauty seem so effortless and simple. Not to mention they seem to always look flawless. So what’s their secret? We thought we would take a deeper dive at what they’re doing and what steps they follow, and we came up with your guide to a classic French beauty routine to get you started.

Focus on the Basics
Throughout our search we found one thing that maintains consistent in French women’s beauty routines: they really focus on the basics when it comes to their skin care. The basics meaning that moisturizing and sun protection are consistently a part of their beauty routine. They understand that keeping their skin well moisturized and protected from the sun can really help to keep their skin healthy, happy and glowing. While it may seem simple, they definitely don’t underestimate those essential steps and make sure to not leave the house without doing them.

Indulge in Skin Care Luxuries
While French women are all about focusing on the basics with their skin care routine, it’s also said that many French women do indulge in skin care luxuries on a fairly consistent basis as well.  Specifically… skin care masks. Many French women state that facial masks are highly encouraged and suggested in the beauty routine throughout the country. They understand that taking the time to indulge in this type of luxury for their skin can help their skin to stay on track and take care of any skin care concerns consistently before they become too much of a problem down the line.  It’s all about being consistent and truly making it a part of your routine.

One Feature

Highlight One Feature
While it’s easy to want to do a full face of makeup at times, thanks to makeup tutorials and blogs all around the internet. French women really make it a point to make their beauty routines rather simple, that also goes for the way they apply their makeup. Most French women focus less on applying a lot of makeup, and more on choosing a feature or area of the face to focus and highlight when applying their makeup. French women tend to be masters at minimal makeup – but manage to do it in a way that has them looking incredibly pulled together. How do they do it? They use quality makeup products, and make it a point to focus on one feature when applying.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Fragrance
French women are all about fragrances and take a lot of pride in choosing their fragrances to enjoy for their day.  In fact, it’s really a part of their beauty routine.  If you really want to embrace a French beauty routine, you need to make fragrance a part of that.  Choosing a fragrance that you enjoy is crucial.

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