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Your Daily Cup of COJ

cup of coffee

Coffee is definitely something that’s a commonly consumed beverage throughout a lot of the world.  For years there’s been a debate on whether or not drinking coffee daily is beneficial or hurtful to your health.  However, it turns out your daily cup of joe can have some pretty great benefits.  If you’re like us, you love starting your morning with a fresh cup of joe – like so many of us do.  Now, you don’t have to feel bad (in case you did) for drinking up your daily cup of joe tomorrow morning.  Because there ARE some great benefits.

It’s Loaded with Antioxidants
As it turns out, coffee is loaded with antioxidants.  Pretty great, right?  Since so many of us don’t truly get enough antioxidants into our daily diet, drinking up that daily cup of joe is a great way to get a nice boost.  Just to give you a little refresh – antioxidants are great for fighting inflammation in the body along with helping to fight free radicals that can cause cancer.

It Can Boost Your Metabolism
Thanks to our friend caffeine, many experts have found that having a daily cup of coffee can give the body a great boost to the metabolism.  Anytime we boost our metabolism, it helps with aiding our body in burning fat – how great is THAT?  Of course, it’s not the answer to all of your weight loss answers, but it’s nice to know that a daily cup of joe can help give a little boost to your metabolism and help burn a little extra fat.

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Helps with Focus and Energy
Ok, so if you drink water you may be completely aware of this, but we had to mention it as a benefit because being more focused and energized is SUCH a great benefit of drinking coffee.  So many of us are constantly on the go and it’s easy to feel distracted and low on energy – the caffeine that’s in coffee is a great benefit to helping with both of these aspects.

Can Help Fight Depression
Depression is a widely growing struggle among so many people, but what you may not realize is that research has shown that drinking coffee daily has been found to help fight depression among many people.  A lot of this is because there are certain things in coffee that have been found to boost and stimulate our moods, when we’re in a better mood, it’s much less likely that we become depressed.  Incredible, right?

Can Lower the Risk of Type II Diabetes
Diabetes a big concern among many people, and unfortunately a disease that’s growing significantly among much of the population.  However, if you’re a coffee drinker, you may be in luck.  It turns out that drinking a daily cup of joe has been found to lower insulin sensitivity in the body – that being said, it’s been found that many people who drink coffee are less likely to develop Type II diabetes.

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