Makeup August 3, 2015

Younger Looking Eyes with Makeup

Makeup has the ability to perfect the pores, hide blemishes, add color where we desire for it to, turn our face into a work of art, or even take many years off of our appearance. At the same time, makeup can also add years to our appearance, depending on how it is applied. Today, Lionesse would like to take a few minutes to talk about how you can create a younger, more youthful look by using makeup on your eyes.

Stylist applying primer.

Primer is an essential part of makeup application, especially when going in with eyeshadow hues which may not be overly pigmented. It helps the product to stick to the skin better, and gives the product the ability to show up on the skin better as well. Primer should be applied after the skin has been cleansed and moisturized, and before you go ahead and apply any further makeup.

Woman using foundation makeup.

Foundation can be applied over the eyelid and around the bottom of the eye to lock in the primer, and also give a good base for the concealer and other products you are to be applying to the eyes. Be sure to use a good blending foundation brush for even coverage, and also, be sure not to get any product into your eyes.

Woman applying concealer.

Concealer can be your best friend when applying eye makeup. For those who wake up in the morning and realize they have dark circles surrounding the eye area, concealer is what you’re going to need to restore your gorgeous pre-dark circle status, and give you a look of beautiful normalcy back. Alleviating the appearance of dark circles and bags underneath the eyes will also easily take years off of your face. Be sure to apply the product all underneath the eye, down in an upside down triangle shape across the cheeks, the inner corners of the eye area, and above the top eyelid over the brow bone. Use a beauty blender to blend well.

Eye pencil

Brightening Eye Pencils
After you’ve prepped your lids for makeup application, it’s a good idea to have some brightening eye pencils ready and waiting to begin using to bring a sense of youth back and restore the sparkle to your eyes. There are various hues available – choose one based upon the outfit you are to be wearing, and be sure to tightline the eye with this brightening eye pencil for depth and dimension. From there, go in with a white eyeliner pencil and line the waterline to give your eyes brilliant sparkle, and a larger appearance.

White highlighter on the inner corner of the eye

Adding Highlights
After you’ve applied your eyeliner and eyeshadow, you will want to add some highlights to the inner corner of the eye to reflect the light and refract it back, giving the illusion that the eyes are bright, glistening, gorgeous and youthful. Dab a shimmer highlight to the inner corner of your eyes, and apply some to the top of your cheekbone and blend out well. You can also highlight the brow bone as well, directly underneath the brow from the middle to the tail end of the brow.

Woman applying false eyelashes.

False Lashes
As we get older, our lashes thin out – and that’s why it’s a great idea to add in some false lashes for a special occasion. There are many different types available, from synthetic (cheapest) to mink (expensive) to human hair (expensive) and a few other options. Choose a natural looking faux lash set for a more natural look and feel, while by choosing a more dramatic set of lashes, you will look much more glamorous and sexy.

Woman applying makeup.

Make a Faux Second Eyelid
To give yourself a more youthful appearance, there is one more thing you can do in terms of makeup application. You can give yourself a false second eyelid, which is the sign of youth currently in Japan. You don’t need to opt for surgery as many people are doing with this method; simply create the illusion of a small second eyelid underneath your lower lash line by using a light brown eye pencil and blending out well. There are video and picture tutorials available online on how to get the look – but it will surely knock many years off of your appearance.

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