Skin Care July 30, 2016

Why Is A Tattoo Permanent?


If you’ve thought about getting a tattoo you’ve likely thought about just how permanent a tattoo is.  They’re quite the process to actually get a tattoo, and it’s a big decision to make to get one.  But WHY is it actually permanent?  How does that all work?  We’re so used to applying things to our bodies and being able to remove them when we’re done.  But tattoos are NOT that way.  We did a little searching to discover some of the facts behind what makes a tattoo permanent and of course we’re sharing it with you so if you’re considering getting a tattoo – you’ll want to keep reading!

Ok, so if you’ve seen someone getting a tattoo either in real life or on TV it looks like they’re using a gun of sorts to apply the ink to the skin.  You may think, “really how permanent is that actually?”  The reason the ink that’s used in tattoos IS so permanent and stays on the body is because of where on the skin it’s actually applied.  While it LOOKS like the ink is applied to the top of your skin, it’s actually applied to the underlying layer of skin.  The needles that are used to inject the ink into the skin go through the top layer of skin and go underneath it to reach what’s called the dermis.

We know that our skin sheds over time and we’ll get flaky skin, all that jazz.  So how does the ink really stay put?  Well since the ink is applied to the lower level of skin, the dermis, it stays there because that particular layer of skin isn’t made up of cells that shed regularly like the top layer (also known as the epidermis).  So since the dermis doesn’t shed like the epidermis, it’s able to stay put…essentially staying permanent.  In addition, the process of getting a tattoo is creating damage to the skin.  While your body typically sends white blood cells to heal the body, the ink isn’t accessible by the white blood cells so the ink stays put.

Since the process of getting a tattoo is so permanent and literally placed INTO the skin, it’s the reason why they can be very difficult to actually remove.  We now have access to tattoo removal laser treatments, but many experts have said that they can’t guarantee that the tattoos will be entirely removed.  Much of it can depend on your skin, the way the tattoo was done, how much ink was injected and how much damage was done to the skin.  So it’s pretty safe to say, it makes sense why tattoos really ARE permanent to the skin.  It’s actually quite a process we don’t think about in terms of going to get a tattoo.  However, if you are considering getting a tattoo it’s important to understand the process that actually takes place so you’re as informed as possible.

Have you gotten a tattoo?  Or  would you get one?

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