Skin Care July 6, 2015

When to Start A Skin Care Routine for Kids

Beginning a skin care routine for children is something that depends on a few factors, which we at Lionesse will discuss in this helpful and informative article we are presenting to you today. There is no ‘set in stone’ age to begin skin care, but habits learned early on depending on maturity and persistence will follow your child well into adulthood. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do as a parent to ensure your child develops good cleansing habits and maintains clear, healthy skin.

Mother and her young daughter applying moisturizers

Never Too Early to Start
From the time your child is old enough to brush his or her own teeth, or tie their shoes, you can begin introducing a skin care regimen to their day. As parents, we generally wash our children’s faces with a washcloth and a mild soap when they are very young, but there are products available that are child-specific and safe to incorporate into their skin care routine that allow them the freedom to cleanse on their own, and are very effective. Companies such as Willa, a skin care revolution for children, have developed products to cleanse, moisturize and protect from UV rays, and also to prevent oil buildup and shine on the skin. The hard part as a parent is determining when your child will be mature enough to undertake a good skin care routine on their own – but with supervision and persistence, these habits can be formed from a young age. This will very likely be one of those things that carries over into their adult lives, so starting them on the path to clear skin early on is important.

Young teenage girl applying moisturizer

Proper Skin Care for Children
Just like adults, children should be cleansing their little faces at least once per day. Cleansing products we use as adults are not suitable for a child’s skin, as their skin is quite sensitive and has many special needs. It’s a good idea to get them in the habit of waking up in the morning, brushing their teeth as you more than likely already have them do, and then cleansing their face with products that are all natural, free from phthalates, sulfates, and parabens, and that actually work to remove oil, dirt, and buildup from a night’s sleep. Keep in mind, the products that are applied to the skin are generally absorbed by the skin, therefore we want to make sure we give our children products that won’t disrupt their endocrine system or reproductive system in the long run. Children have a tendency to absorb more of what is applied to the skin than we as adults do, and therefore, this is extremely important.

Having them apply a moisturizer with SPF properties will also help them to be better protected from harmful UV rays, no matter where you live or what your usual climate is like. UV protection is ultra-important now more than ever, and getting them in the habit of putting product on their faces at a young age will deter skin damage they may incur otherwise, preventing pre-mature aging later on in life. As your children grow, their skin care needs will undoubtedly change – especially around the time of puberty – as their hormones will no doubt fluctuate on a day to day basis.

Young girl looking at her acne flareups in the mirror.

Controlling Acne through Skin Care & Proper Diet
Once your child hits the age of puberty, you may notice they will begin to get those dreaded pimples and oily skin. Many children have genetics playing a large role in acne, and unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about the genetic makeup of a child and how their skin will reflect these genetics. What can be done is to control the amount of oil production that comes through the skin, which will in turn provide them with clean, clear skin and no doubt a happy child. If your child struggles with severe acne, speaking to your pediatrician or dermatologist may be the best course of action to see if a medication may be able to help clear the skin and keep it under better control. The best thing you can do as a parent is to ensure they cleanse every morning, every night, and incorporate healthy eating habits into their daily diet. You can also ensure they are drinking plenty of water, which will help to flush the skin out and keep it as blemish free as possible.

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