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What Your Sweat Can Tell You

We all sweat, probably more than we would like, and while it always seems like something that’s more of a pain than helpful in any way – there’s now some recent discoveries that have found what your sweat can tell you.  Yes, essentially your sweat is able to tell you certain things about you and your health.  In fact, there’s actually now a new skin patch that’s able to tell you exactly what you need to know about your health based on your sweat.  Ok, ok, we know you’re probably a bit confused, so we’re just going to get right into what we’re actually talking about here.

There has recently been a new skin patch device that users are able to apply to their skin, the patch essentially analyzes your sweat as you produce it.  When it analyzes your sweat, it actually sends the results to your smart phone.  Crazy, right?  Ok, so if you’re like we were when we first found out about this new skin patch device you’re wondering what exactly this patch is analyzing our sweat FOR.  The patch is able to tell you how much you’re actually sweating while you’re working out, if you need to drink more water, if you need to add more electrolytes into your system.  Pretty fun, right?

woman sweating after workout

Researchers believe that the device is a way for users to have a better understanding of their bodies and really get the information themselves sent right to their smartphones via the device.  It’s a great way for users to be able to have more control and involvement in their health, and really start to understand what your body may be telling you by sweating, or what you need to add to your system for your body to begin functioning at a better level.  We often just think of our sweat as something that happens when we’re hot or exercising, not that it can actually help us to know if we need to drink more water (for example).

Since the device is something you’re able to wear on your skin, you’re able to get a really accurate reading of what your body’s telling you at the very moment in time so you can actually act on making adjustments as you need them.  Based on some of the information we’ve found about this skin patch device, it seems to be something that’s designed to be really user friendly for the average person to be able to make use out of.  Since you’re not having to analyze any of the information, it displays clearly on your smartphone, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Odds are you didn’t realize that your sweat was filled with being able to provide us with such important information, and likely not many others realize the importance of it.  We’re excited to find out more about this skin patch service to see how more and more people are able to make use of this type of service.

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