Skin Care December 12, 2016

What You Need To Know About Facials

Whether you’ve had a facial before or it’s something that’s been on your list to do and try, it’s important to make sure that you’re informed on the actual facial treatment process.  There are so many different types of facials available, it’s really something that you want to make sure you’re making the most of.  While facial treatments are typically known as a more luxurious treatment, they’re also found to be incredibly helpful for skin care purposes.  And you know we’re ALL about skin care over here at Lionesse.  But we’re also all about you being well informed, which is why we’re sharing what you need to know about facials.

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Choosing The Right Facial For You Is Important
Just like with skin care products, choosing a facial treatment needs to be based off of your skin type.  Because we all have different skin and different needs it’s crucial that you choose a facial treatment that’s going to work with your skin and give you the results that you’re looking for from your facial.  If you’re not quite sure the right facial treatment you should be getting, have a conversation with your facialist.  Ask them questions and point out any skin care concerns so that they can direct you in the right direction to give you the best facial for your needs.

Be Open With Your Aesthetician
After you’ve decided on the right facial treatment for you and your skin type, it’s important to make sure you’re open and up front with your aesthetician about any allergic or sensitivity reactions you’ve had to any products in the past.  They don’t know your skin has had any breakouts like that unless you tell them, so make sure you openly communicate that.  If they know what products have caused you any problems in the past, they can make sure to choose products that will eliminate any allergic reactions or negative outbreaks on your skin by choosing products around any that you’ve had problems with.

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Plan Facials Around a Big Event
If you have a big important event coming up, you’re probably going to want to do what you can so that your skin looks its best.  We’re right there with you!  Experts suggest that you plan your facial treatments ahead of time, and into a series of four facial treatments throughout the course of six months leading up to the event.  It’s suggested that doing four facial treatments over the course of six months will get your skin into a healthy glow and routine, and your skin will have been able to fully detoxify from a lot of the oil and grime you need to eliminate in your skin.

Extractions Shouldn’t Be Too Rough
Extractions are often a big part of facials in that aestheticians are able to eliminate any clogged pores.  The important thing to know is that extractions should not be painful and the goal of an aesthetician is/should be to unclog the pores in as of a gentle way as possible, that will not leave much redness or scarring on the skin.

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