Beauty December 28, 2016

What We Learned About Beauty In 2016

2016 is officially coming to a close, and while some would argue that this year was a bit of a rollercoaster due to a number of factors…it was also filled with lots, and lots of beauty.  As we get ready to ring in a brand new year, and welcome 2017, we’re all about celebrating the beauty that we experienced this past year.  There’s something about looking back before we start fresh that’s enjoyable, and pretty crazy to see all that we’ve experienced in just 12 months.  We’re sharing what we learned about beauty in 2016…

Woman cleaning makeup brush

Cleaning Makeup Brushes is Essential
If most of us are honest, we’ve heard about cleaning makeup brushes and sure we may have thought a time or two it was important to do…but we rarely really took it seriously.  This year, though, we really learned that it’s important to make sure that we’re cleaning our makeup brushes.  It really is a must to make sure that we’re taking care of our beloved makeup applicators AND our skin.  So many of our favorite beauty gurus have been chatting about cleaning makeup brushes, and showing us the right way to do so.  We really learned that isn’t not something that’s optional, but rather essential to our beauty routine.

How to Fill In and Shape Our Eyebrows
It’s safe to say that with the rise in social media, and beauty bloggers, one of the biggest beauty areas we’ve learned about has to be eyebrows.  It definitely seems like eyebrows have been a major topic of conversation among the beauty lovers of the world, more so now than ever before.  It’s been all about the eyebrows, and we really learned what a difference a great brow look can make.  Beauty bloggers and makeup artists everywhere have been showing us the best tips and tricks to filling in and shaping our brows to get that flawlessly gorgeous eyebrow look that really frames the face impeccably.

Woman with braids

How to Braid like a Pro
Braids were… everywhere this year.  From French braids to fishtail braids, and everything in between.  It’s definitely been all about the braids in 2016, and while we love it so many of us struggle to actually do braids on our own hair.  And while we would love to have a 24/7 glam squad with us to help us accomplish these gorgeous looks, we don’t.  However, thanks to video tutorials we learned that we can create these gorgeous braids ourselves with a little help from some of our favorite video bloggers and experts who were generous enough to share their tips throughout the year.  It turns out, braids aren’t that difficult to accomplish and us average ladies can do it at home.  We also learned that adding a braid to pretty much any hair style is a sure fire way to take an average hair style WAY up.

We learned a LOT about beauty in 2016, and while we could go on all day we wanted to share a few of our favorites to get started.  Did you have a favorite beauty tip, trick or idea that you learned in 2016?

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