Skin Care January 7, 2017

What To Do When You Have Razor Burn

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Razor burn, it’s one of those things that can just creep up when you least expect it.  If you shave any area of your body, you’ve likely had razor burn at least once or twice in your life.  Even if you try to be cautious when shaving and paying attention to the state of your razor, it can happen to the best of us.  Of course, even though having razor burn can be a part of the shaving life you want to know how to get rid of it and help it heal so you’re not having to deal with it longer than you have to.  We’re sharing tips on what to do when you have razor burn so you’re fully prepared the next time there’s a little slip up.

Aloe vera has grown to become one of the most widely used methods to helping to heal razor burn in a natural way.  Aloe vera is great because it’s natural, and found to be incredibly soothing to the skin.  You can use natural aloe vera that you find from an actual aloe vera plant, or using an aloe vera gel product to apply to the area.  All you need to do is make sure that you apply a bit of the aloe to the razor burn area that’s being affected.  You will likely notice that your skin feels some soothing elements, in addition to aloe vera being really soothing on irritated skin it’s also found to be really great for inflammation – not to mention aloe vera is found to be really hydrating on the skin, which is really what helps to add the soothing elements to the area.  Since razor burn tends to result in some inflammation – both attributes do wonders for helping with razor burn.

While aloe vera is great for soothing and eliminating some inflammation in the skin, it’s important to make sure that you’re not doing anything that can cause further irritation on the skin.  Since your skin is already in an irritated state, you’ll want to be careful with any products that you use on the area.  This means avoiding any products with fragrances or wearing any clothing that cause additional rubbing on the irritated area or can be too tight.  You’ll want to allow your skin to heal on its own and try to avoid daily habits that can sometimes cause additional irritation.

Next time you have some razor burn turn up in an area in your skin make sure you apply these tips to help soothe the area to give yourself some relief.  Of course, don’t forget to make sure that you’re practicing healthy shaving habits.  Don’t ever shave on dry skin – make sure that your skin is damp and you use some product that can act as a shaving cream/lotion to give your skin a barrier.  In addition, it’s essential to make sure that you switch out your razor consistently to avoid using a dull razor.

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