Skin Care June 1, 2017

We’re Seeing An Increase In These Types Of Skin Cancer

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As the summer months become our reality for the season, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time stressing the importance of taking care of your skin-especially with the sun. The sun is something that we’re all effected by, and our skin tends to take the biggest hit from the sun. We hate to be the barrier of bad news, but we want to keep you as informed as possible and it seems we’re seeing an increase in these types of skin cancer…

Basal Cell Carcinoma
According to a recent study done at the Mayo clinic, BCC (as this type of cancer is often referred) has grown significantly recently. In fact, they noticed around 145% increase in the number of patients being treated and diagnosed with this particular type of skin cancer. The study was done over a 10 year period, from 2000 to 2010. That’s a pretty significant increase, wouldn’t you say?

Squamous Cell Carcinoma
The second type of skin cancer that’s had a significant rise, according to the same study done at the Mayo Clinic is squamous cell carcinoma. SCC (as this type of cancer is referred) was said to have an increase of around 263%. Again, the same years were studied and researched by the Mayo Clinic to achieve these stats.

The silver lining to this information is that both BCC and SCC cancer types typically don’t spread throughout the body. Unlike other skin cancer types that are known to spread around the body. While this still isn’t good news, it’s important to know the differences between the types of skin cancers.

So what do we do with this information? Since it’s clear that skin cancer, especially BCC and SCC types, are on the rise (significantly) it’s more important now than ever before to make sun protection a strict part of your skin care routine. Since many forms of skin cancer have been linked to damage caused by the skin and developing a tan, taking your SPF application and methods seriously is going to be a huge benefit to you in the long run.

In addition to protecting your skin as much as possible, especially when you’re in the sun, it’s also suggested to get into the routine of checking your skin. If you notice any changes in your skin that seem odd or not right, be sure to go to a medical professional to have them checked out. In addition, get into the routine of doing monthly skin checks/analysis of your entire body. Going over your entire body to really know what spots and areas of your skin look like is incredibly helpful to detecting any problems that may arise, earlier than you would if you weren’t checking your skin frequently. It’s suggested to check your skin thoroughly once a month, and ask for help to do checks if you need. In addition to doing monthly at-home checks, make sure you are getting checked by a dermatologist.

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